paris v. new york city

i am definitely a city girl. 
being in a great big city thrills me.
it excites me. enchants me. entertains me.
the buzz. the movement. the culture.
the fashion. the art. the culinary experiences.
the sounds. the architecture. the lights.
it all makes me feel alive.
overwhelmingly alive.

and i happen to love feeling overwhelmingly alive.

having lived in new york city for two years,
and traveling there atleast once a year,
a piece of my heart will always be in manhattan.
the eclectic, urban soho streets.
the polished, chic upper east side streets.
i have walked those streets.
and i love them all.
i have always loved new york.
and i am quite certain i always will.

i have an even greater love affair with paris.
{i don't mean to cheat on you new york city. you will always be the apple of my eye}
i have only been to paris once, but the city of lights instantly captivated my attention.
fully. completely. utterly. captivated my heart & my mind.
i dream of days spent walking the streets of paris.
during the day. in the dark of night. in the rain.
you name it, i'll take it.

i stumbled upon a witty book while perusing through anthro the other day.
and i was quite amused flipping each one of these colored pages.
paris v. new york.

don't you just love these prints?
i think the comparisons between these two great cities are so clever.

so, tell me, friends.
do you prefer paris or new york city?


  1. ive never been to either! dying to go to NYC. what season should i go? i hope i can make it there soon!

    chloe lambe

  2. chloe. oh my goodness. you have GOT to go to nyc this spring. go in late april/ early may. the tulips will be blooming. it will be so lovely. go. go. go.


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