dapper duds

i love a man in a suit.
seeing a polished, suited up man just makes me smile. 

growing up in the brett house, i saw my daddy get ready for work every morning.
sleek suit. snazzy shirt. sharp tie. shined dress shoes. silver cuffs. 
{all in size stud, of course}

i think that seeing my dad dress for work this way 
has certainly raised the bar in the mens fashion department.

so, naturally, one of the many reasons why i love my lovie so much is that
he wears a suit to work.

and, does he look handsome.

i especially love when he comes home after work & his tie is undone.
its still around his neck, but its untied. 
the true sign of a successful work day in the big, bad, corporate world. 
a true sign of a stud muffin. 

now knowing my affection for a well quaffed gentleman,
you can imagine the joy i had when we went to find my lovies tuxedo. 
yep, you heard me. 
be still my heart.

our big day is quickly approaching
{68 more days. but who is counting?}
and he was ready to buy his new duds, and studs.

we jumped in the car, grabbed a cup o'jo, and made our way to hyde park. 
brooks brothers, to be exact. 

i have always loved browsing in brooks brothers.
everything is so crisp. so organized. so preppy. 

these pinstriped suits sent me over the moon. 

well made...

from start to finish. 
top to bottom. 

i am a big fan of the old fashioned tuxedo shirt & bow tie.
check out this stunner.

the collar. the pleats. the french cuffs. 

now, get ready ladies... 
this is one dapper dude...


{yes, these pants are gray. they did not have his size, size stud, in the tuxedo pant}

hey, hey cover your eyes! 

my lovie looked so very handsome in his tuxedo.
i fell in love with him all over again. 
i can hardly wait to walk down the aisle with this great man. 

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