sprinkles on top

baking is one of my favorite things. 
it doesn't matter what i am mixing up,
i just love being up to my elbows in flour & sugar.

however, its not just the baking.
its the entire joy of the experience.
the monogrammed apron.
the french music playing.
the candles burning. 
c'est si bon

i love, love, love being able to bring sugar to my dear friends.
there is not much sweeter than a home made treat delivered to your doorstep.
and my friends surely deserve a treat. or two.
a dash of love. a sprinkle of joy. a pinch of kindness.
just to say i am thankful for you.

but here is the catch.
i love the idea of delivering darling cupcakes, 
but i never can seem to make my frosting look pretty.
it just looks down right messy.
and messy frosting does not present well.

so, unless i am covering my cupcakes in coconut shavings,
i do not bake cupcakes.
{unless of course they are just for me to enjoy}

until now. 
i finally decided to practice the art of frosting.
and boy was it fun.

look how sweet.

for this style of frosting, 
i simply used a large round tip.
i held the tip very close to the cookie, pointing strait down to the middle of the cookie.
 do not move the tip, but squeeze the frosting out.
the frosting will naturally pillow out.
when the first tier got to the size i wanted, i pulled the tip strait up. 
repeat two more times. 
add a little sprinkle.
piece of cake.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so proud of you! It really isn't that hard, is it? These look delicious, by the way!


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