a little daydream.

i often dream of long days spent in paris.

i look up places i would go.
things i would see.
french treats i would eat.
art i would immerse myself in.
sounds i would get lost to.
streets i would stroll down.

it is always the loveliest daydream.
part romantic. part edgy. part rich. part rustic.

but today, my daydream is this.
it is pretty. it is sweet. it is cozy. it is warm.
won't you join me for an afternoon date at laduree

this darling little shop is just the prettiest thing. 

i am coveting this gold chandelier. 
it is perfectly rich looking.
le magnifique.

even the apron bows are lovely.
the perfect shade of ballet slipper pink.

laduree is world renowned for their macaroons.
aren't the colors simply stunning?
the raspberry pink is my favorite.

perfectly clean. perfectly chic. 

a beautiful plate adorned with pastel macaroons.
a piping hot latte with a dash of cinnamon.
a perfect treat to nibble on over hours of conversation and laughter.

french doors inviting one to sit in the sun room.

or sit awhile in those stunning black and white chairs.

hot lavender tea with honey.
on a silver platter.
on the perfect shade of mint green.

as if the rest wasn't lovely enough,
the packaging sends my heart into a fluttery frenzy.

today, in my daydreams, i am sitting in laduree
with my very best girlfriends. 

c'est si bon. 

{photos taken by shini park of park&cube}

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