fountain of juice

are you a juicer?
i am. 

as of yesterday, i am the proud owner of the breville juicer fountain.

and i could not be more pleased with this new toy.

if you are anything like me, i was a bit intimidated when i took this out of the box.
it was big. it had many parts. the blades were intense.
but it was shiny, and i like shiny.

i was so pleased to find that it is super user friendly.
easy peasy lemon squeezy
{my first graders say that all the time. 
i thought it was perfectly appropriate given this post}

i have been a fan of juicing for awhile now.
i have heard such positive stories from those who juice.
some have been healed. some have been re-energized. 
all have gained loads of vitamins and nutrients.

the real benefit from juicing is that all the vitamins and nutrients 
go strait to your blood stream. 
your body does not need to digest the whole foods. 
it's essentially an instant pick me up.
a great alternative to my usual medium diet coke from mcdonalds.
{which i gave up today... but thats another story}

periodically i will go to rollin oats to pick up a juice.
apple and carrot, please. 

but now i can juice my very own fresh produce in my very own little kitchen.

last night i stuck to what was familiar.
yep, you guessed it.
apple and carrot. 

this morning i added a handful of spinach. 
equally as delicious. with an extra dash of strength.

i can hardly wait to experiment with all different fruits and veg. 
tomorrow i am trying this green juice

here is the best part of all, friends.
i bought my juicer at macys yesterday.
they are normally around 220 dollars.
but right now they are 40% off.

run! dont walk! go get one!
your body will thank you. 

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