good as gold

i happen to adore everything big & glamorous.
chunky gold. sparkly sparkles. costume jewels. 
over-sized sunglasses. 
expensive lipstick. 
red nail polish.
large, luxe purses.

you name it, i will rock it. 

it was no surprise that when i laid eyes on 
stella and dot's pegasus necklace
{a must have for every fashionista}
i. had. to. have. it. 

the multi-tonal golds. 
the intricate detail.
the size.
the statement.


when i saw this piece, my mind went wild....
dreaming up all the potential outfits that this baby would add instant glamour to.

jeans and simple tee. 
little black dress.
oh ya.
capris and cardigan.
yes, please!

pair any of the above with this statement piece and you will be exuding glamour.

one of my everyday go-to tops is my jcrew chambray top. 
its comfy.
its versatile.
its classic.

i paired that top with this necklace.
surprising, maybe?
but it was the perfect combo of tomboy meets fashion gal.
the vintage, mens wear appeal of the shirt practically begs for a splash of glitz & glamour.

this will surely be a go-to daytime outfit for me.
light chambray top. dark, dark skinny jeans, and this stunner.
show stopper.

that being said, 
i can hardly wait to wear it out on the town this weekend in my all black get-up, per usual.
i am big on monochromatic outfits. 
there is nothing more chic. 
{except for adding this necklace to a little black-on-black action}

throw this baby on with any outfit
and you are good as gold.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely adore this. Thanks for the plug. You will love our rose gold collection.
    ~xoxo Sandy Sembler


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