pretty little things

i have a mild obsession with all things
black. white. and gold.

i have always loved everything black and white.
black and white fashion.
black and white design.
black and white photography.
black and white cookies.

but add a dash of gold
and it takes it to another level.

my home is very black and white.
i have a white home.
black shutters.
a black mailbox.
black and white striped awnings.
{my fave}
black wood furniture.
a black and white striped rug.
a white desk.
a black chandelier.
white flowers galore.
everywhere you look. black and white.

i have recently thought about painting my baseboards black, too.
a shiny, high gloss black.
i think it will add a bold & dramatic touch.
what do you think?

the only thing i am missing...
the gold accents pieces.
i have a few, but i am looking to add.
i need a little more luxe. 

i found the prettiest little things today.
the perfect golden addition.

the most stunningly golden salad plates.
who knew pier one was so glam?

these babies are glass plates that have been painted on the bottom.
the texture is unbelievable.
each one is ever so slightly different.

it was love at first sight.
i bought twelve. 

twelve pretty salad plates to pair with my 
prettiest golden dinner plates.

don't they just belong together?!

i can hardly wait to have my next dinner party.
these will surely be a show stopper. 

now i just would love this kitchen to match...

to me this is perfection.
five gold stars.

{pier one also had gold dinner plates and soup bowls. 10 bucks a pop. i may have to go back for the bowls}

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