a wardrobe remix.

i always look forward to switching out my seasonal wardrobes.
& swapping out the winter wear for the resort wear may be my all-time fave.
there is just something so refreshing about it.
putting the dark & heavy clothes away.
breaking out the crisp & lighter clothes.
i just love it. 

being a florida girl. where we lack true seasons. 
i have learned to break the rules a little bit.
in my little world resort season starts after valentines day.
that means in a few short weeks i will be rocking my resort garb. 
and loving every second of it. 
there is nothing more chic than the crispness of navy blues. yellows. & golds. 
it just screams easy. breezy. elegance. 

so as i prepare to box up all my wintery clothes. & break out the boxes of resort wear.
i am using this little flow chart to help me stay organized.
it is time to be out with the old. in with the new. 
switching our seasonal wardrobes is the perfect time to purge.
i happen to love finding pieces that i am ready to part with.
it just clears up space in my tiny closets for new little pretties.
and that is always a good thing. 

hope this helps you as much as it will help me.
i snagged it from one of my very fave blogs deliciously organized.
happy closet cleaning!


  1. This post is genius ... love it have to give this a try asap.


  2. Oh this post is perfect! My closet is in desperate need of a cleanup. Going to use this for sure.
    xx M

    The Marcy Stop


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