you rock valentine.

lovie & i were in savannah last weekend . . .
& i stumbled upon the most darling old time candy shoppe.
it was a little slice of heaven for this sweet loving girl. 

amidst all the chocolate. divinity. caramel. and the like.
i found a perfectly arranged row of glass jars.
each jar held the most beautifully colored rock candy sticks.
it was seriously eye candy to the tenth power.

it was all i could do to not buy every single color.
so in honor of valentines day . . . i scooped a few pink & red ones.
they were too pretty not to take home.

with their dainty little sticks. 

& the loveliest shade of ballerina pink.

i just had to have a bundle.

of course. i thought they would make such a sweet little valentine.
especially for a girlfriend who loves hot tea.
{who doesn't love hot tea?!}

i tied a little pink tulle bow around each stick.
& it made them even more darling. 
& while i am using them for valentines . . .
i think these would be so adorable for a little girls ballerina birthday party.
if i ever have a little girlie of my own i will surely have a ballerina party.

who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a bouquet of rock candy?!
the perfect way to say you rock valentine!

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