inchbug love.

are you a label lover like i am?

i get such joy out of neatly labeling all of my kiddos belongings.
sippy cups. bottles. shoes. snack packs. tote bags. 
you name it. it is labeled.

not only is labeling functional. 
after all. epic meltdowns have been spurred from a misplaced sippy cup.
and lord knows that every two year old needs to stake their claim on their snacks. 

but it is also super cute. 
that is. when you find super darling labels
like those from inch bug.

i am especially loving their line of non-adhesive reusable orbit labels. 
they are personalized. they stretch to fit your kiddos ever-changing cups. 
they are dishwasher safe. they will never peel or fade.
and they are just too stinkin cute.

from bottles. to sippy cups. to snack containers. 
they fit them all. 
they are just brilliant. 

inch bug has also created an assortment of adhesive labels
that are cute to boot and totally essential.  

with the rise in kiddo allergies. 
the fear of your child getting his paws on something he shouldn't 
can be crippling for a mama as she is sending her baby out of her care. 

these adhesive allergy labels are perfect.
they are great to go on lunch boxes. snack packs. 
or even to be worn on your kiddos shirt. 

a great alert & reminder for teachers or caretakers. 

oh. how wonderful are these shoe labels. 
a lost little shoe can be just as sad as a lost sippy cup. 
{maybe more so for the mama than for the kiddo}

these little shoe labels are darling. 
an added bonus is that they help to teach your kiddo
the difference between left & right
and how to put shoes on the correct little footie. 

i am just loving all of my labels. 
and thankful to inchbug for making my life 
a tiny bit easier & more organized. 

inch bug has another product that i cannot say enough great things about.
please let me introduce you to the MyDrinky sippy cup.

this. is. genius. 

are you tired of cleaning up spilled juice pouches from 
little fingers that squeeze too tightly?
if so. this is the answer to your prayers. 

this squeeze protector fit all sizes of juice boxes & juice pouches.
with adjustable height settings. you can truly make it work with any drink pouch.

the MyDrinky makes it impossible for your kiddos to squeeze the drink pouch. 
how glorious is that?! 

are you just chomping at the bit to go fill your cart at inch bug?
not so fast mamas. 
today is your lucky day. 

inchbug is offering a fabulous gift basket giveaway for one lucky reader.
you have a shot at winning . . .

your own set of personalized orbit labels. 
plus your own set of personalized adhesive labels.
plus your very own MyDrinky drink box holder. 

that is a fantastic giveaway.

to enter the giveaway simply follow these three steps.
like inchbug on Facebook.
share this post on your facebook wall.
& tag three mommy friends in your post.

this would make a great birthday gift. shower gift. 
or just a gift to yourself! 

giveaway ends on october 29th.

good luck! 

{c'est si bon was not compensated for this post. i was given  product to review. all opinions are my own}


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