for the gentlemen.

i don't know about you, but i am always at a loss
when it comes to finding the perfect gift for the men in my life.
an oxford. a bottle of cologne. various workout gear. 
they are all so typical. & so tired.
so, what else can a girl get for her men?

i was thrilled to stumble upon 
this impossibly manly boston shop.
well, hello, sir jack's.
the quintessential gentlemen's outfitter.

dapper polo chic shakes hands with the great outdoorsman.
catering to the most discerning of tastes, sir jack exudes class.
casual attire. formal wear. grooming. office & estate decor. 
gadgets. one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. & luxurious accessories.

guys goods, right?!
i just about died when i saw all of the great gift options for men.
gifts that are totally unique & clever.
gifts that men will be thrilled to receive.

like this ultra-cool badger brush.
makes lathering up so much more manly.

or engraved fly fishing stationery.
makes writing thank you notes so much more macho.

this authentic vintage leather head's football
would be the perfect accoutrement for any gentleman's office. 

quite possibly my fave of all sir jack's choices.
genuine ox horn whiskey tumblers.
every man would look devilishly handsome drinking out of these. 

i truly spent way too much time scouring the sir jack's site.
there is such a great assortment of gift ideas for any man in your life. 
{oh, and just a reminder. father's day is quickly approaching}

whether your man is a well quaffed fashion plate.
one who indulges in an old fashioned strait shave.
or a rugged camping sort of man.
who relishes in hunting. fishing. & the like.
sir jack's has you covered.

so, here is to you, gentlemen.
you make our lives so wonderfully adventurous.

{images courtesy of sir jacks. miss moss}

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  1. I'm with you here. Finding a gift for the guys always seems to be so hard! Thanks for introducing me to this site - just made my life a little bit easier!


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