the messy bun.

alright, lovelies.
if you know me at all, you know that my hair is perpetually in a bun.
for years & years i have worn my hair in a bun of some sort.
sometimes it is a polished top-knot. other times it is a low side bun.
and i do believe that i have just mastered the messy bun.
oh you know,
the perfectly tousled. perfectly textured.
perfectly purposeful mess of a bun.

contrary to one's thought at a first glance,
there is much that goes in to mastering the messy bun.

and while my littlest brother may or may not have asked me yesterday
"when was the last time you washed your hair?!"
i happen to think that my messy bun looks
 impossibly messy chic. in the best sort of way.
{he clearly does not appreciate the messy look as much as i do}

so. these are my steps to creating the perfect messy bun.

after washing. put your fave volumizing products into your roots.
i fancy aveda volumizing tonic & the foam uplifter.

blow dry your hair upside down to create a good pump up.

put velcro rollers all over the top part of your head.
spritz with hair spray.
heat with blow dryer.
& then allow to cool completely.

remove rollers & flip head upside down.
gently tousel hair around.

flip head back up and loosely pull hair back into a pony.
you may do a high. low. side. or center pony.
whatever you prefer.

pull the pony tight.
this will naturally create some textured pieces.

here is the essential step.
you will feel totally funny doing this. but it is so worth it.
using both hands, slip your fingers into the hair on the top & front sections.
when they are in their good, rub your hands back and forth quickly.
pretend you are giving yourself a great head massage.
you will surely feel as if you are messing your hair up terribly.
but just trust me.
this creates the perfect messy look.

do this as little or as much as you like.
the rougher you are, the most mess you acquire.

the rest is a breeze.
using bobby pins, secure the bun you desire.

pull little whispies down around your face and at the neckline.
this will create the completely touseled. just-swooped-up-my-hair kinda look.

you know have the perfectly messy bun.

{images courtesy of pinterest. joanna goddard. unknown}


  1. I really would love a bun! My hair has been classically cut, a page boy for so long....but I did have many a good messy bun love hair affair!

  2. I just found your lovely blog, so glad I did! I have not be able to master the messy bun, but you have inspired me to keep trying!


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