travelin garb.

in less than one little month
we will be in orvieto, italy.
my family. our dearest family friends. my lovie. and me.
for two whole pasta-eating. vineyard-touring. bicycle-riding. weeks.


i have only been to italy once before. and that was six years ago.
it was such a memorable trip, as it was the last trip we took with our sweet patrick.
naturally, we can hardly wait to go back to the sites we enjoyed with our precious boy.
during that european trip, 
we made history that is far richer than any history book could deliver.

history that looks like this.

thats our sweet patrick in the red.
my darling brother.

and while i am certain that bittersweet moments traveling through italy
will bring the sting of tears to our eyes.
i can hardly wait to explore the country again.

we are staying in a villa in orvieto.
the villa sleeps nineteen. its like a big slumber party.

doesn't it look like the street from under the tuscan sun?! 
i am so excited to submerse myself with the culture in the italian countryside. 

and of course,
my traveling garb is totally on my mind.

i have always been a terribly awful packer.
i never pack enough of the right things. and i always pack too many wrong things.
so, this time i am really going to plan out what will go in my little suitcase. 

i want to look euro-chic.
you know, casual. breezy. simple. chic. 
so i am thinking linen pants. paper bag skirts. fitted tees.
my go-to for this look is the one-and-only emerson fry.

this darling skirt is tip-top on my list.
love the lightweight texture. love the simplicity.
perfectly street-chic in every way.
plus it looks so comfy. 
great for traveling. walking. wandering. through italia. 

i adore this pink colored skirt.
and i need these camel sandals to go with it.

and of course, a kelly green skirt would be lovely, too.
i love the simplistic lines of this skirt. they are universally flattering for all ladies.
plus, the two button waist line is cute to boot.

if this isn't summertime euro-chic, i don't know what is.
love. love. love the midi length of this dress.
the lines are classic. the colors are meant to be donned in tuscany.
and again. those camel sandals. 
must. have. in. my. closet. 

are you loving these street-chic looks as much as i am?
if yes. and of course you said yes.
you must see all that miss emerson fry has to offer.
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  1. Love the family photo, the villa and the clothes. I am sure you will look very Euro-chic in the clothes you select to pack. Enjoy!

  2. Love all of the outfit inspiration pictures...but the pink skirt is my favourite! Anxious to see what you decide to pack :)


    1. yes, i adore that pink skirt. i can easily think of 1000 reasons why i need it. xo.

  3. Oh you darling we all see where your brilliance comes from! Perfect Familia ~

    Thank you for turning me on to EMERSON cart filling up!!!

    Keep writing, sharing and inspiring...I honestly look forward to your creative words and tokens of inspiration daily!

    Can I say I adore you without ever meeting in person???? (looks like I just did!)

    Happy Days!

    1. renee. you are just the cutest thing around. thank you for those sweet words. i always love meeting a new "friend" that loves c'est si bon as much as i do. it makes me so happy to know that you find enjoyment in reading my posts. xoxoxo.

  4. Oh what fun you will have! I do love traveling en masse and enjoying time with one another.
    Love your outfits!
    ciao bella, and what a stunning famille!

    1. thank you, patricia. i am beyond blessed with a lovely family. lots of love. xo.

  5. Those outfits are so chic! Does the villa have an iron though? For all those cute linen pieces you mentioned!

    I think I need those camel sandals....really adorable, and the heel isn't too high either so I bet they're comfy too!

    1. you should totally get them, bea. they are SO cute and so versatile!

  6. Missing Patrick. <3 Was talking about him with Drew Ford over a beer tonight. I know he will be with you guys in Italy! Xoxo

    1. aw, thank you sweet cayla! he sure was a special guy! he loved you and drew the ford so much! xoxo


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