our next house.

oh, the unlimited possibilities are just what i fancy. 
my mind has been swimming in pretty ideas for our new home.
{mind you, we do not have a new home. we are still homeless. but we will find one soon}

it is just that all this house hunting business has really got me excited.
i have become consumed with dreaming up 
floor plans. color schemes. landscaping. & architectural design.
mapping out room flows. mudrooms. & laundry rooms.
and boy, oh boy. 
i have dreamt up quite a fancy little home for us.
{sorry lovie}

having lived in our little bungalow for three-almost-four years now.
i have learned some important house must-haves.
you know, the essential things.
like an indoor laundry station. and in-kitchen seating.
a cozy family room. & a bathroom with two sinks. 

but i have also learned some not-so essential house must-haves. 
and i will be certain to include them in our next house, wherever that may be.

like a big. rounded. charleston style front door.
that door sure knows how to welcome a visitor in style. 

and moss-trimmed pavers. 
an absolute must have. 

a tailored garage adorned with greenery.
a lovely way to be welcomed home at the end of a work day.

and flower boxes to decorate the windows. 
white flowers are a must.

a reading room streaming with natural light.
with overstuffed chairs to lounge upon.

and a large glossy black bookshelf filled with fitzgerald & hemingway.
sets of old encyclopedias & new cookbooks.

these framed doors that lead to the backyard.
with outdoor seating. or maybe a pool.

or a dutch door would be equally as lovely.
perfect for letting in a nice cool breeze. 

an exposed silver closet boasting with years of love.
if those silvers could talk they would share a wealth of wisdom.

and a vanity in a marble bathroom.
fresh flowers. pretty perfumes. & all sorts of accoutrements. 

nothing too fancy or over-the-top.
you know, just the most necessary. most important. most essential.
most loveliest things that my next house most certainly must have.

... hey, a girl can dream.

{images courtesy of pinterest. sara kate studios. houndstooth&nail. cece&co. elements of style. unknown}


  1. Lovely images!

    I can particularly relate to the wish for dual vanities in the master bath. We love our home of just one year, but that's already at the top of our wishlist :)

  2. Anne MacKenzie HendersonMay 7, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    I am dreaming of that reading room! Absolute perfection.

  3. Christine FosterMay 7, 2012 at 10:37 PM

    these ideas are all so beautiful! exactly how I would picture my dream home.. especially the dutch door, moss-trimmed pavers, and LOTS of natural light :) great taste!

  4. Love the ideas, but thinking you might have to move to a new city for such great things!

  5. Love that you wrote your wishes down-now they will come true. Good Hunting! xxpeggybraswelldesign.bom

  6. I've lived in a condo (that I loveeeeee) for the past few years and I will be very excited to look at houses for the option of a backyard, dual sinks which I'm sure will come in handy, and a huge luxurious tub. ;)

  7. I have been looking for the white, overstuffed chairs. Any idea where the ones you pictured are from please? Thanks


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