the beach cottage.

my family owns the sweetest little beach cottage.
its tucked away on a quiet strip of sand.
on a tiny lot. surrounded by mounds of sea oats.

this darling little cottage has been in our family for years.
my grandmother bought it back in the 1970s.
back when the beach was barely peppered with homes.
and to this day, we still appreciate the old florida charm 
that was built into our little beach cottage. 

there she is.
standing proud in all her flat-roofed glory.
a true gem. overflowing with character.

and while big, beautiful beach homes are being built beside her.
we will forever love our teeny. tiny. le petit auberge. 

isn't she just the cutest cottage you ever have seen?

endless summers have been spent in this little cottage.
i can remember being too hot & sunburnt to sleep at night.
so we would put our pillowcases in the freezer to make them extra chilly.

and taking showers in the outdoor shower before coming in for the day.
and many game nights. with bunches of kids running around.
and bocce ball on the beach. and card games. and cookouts.
and waking up to the oceans waves. 

this little. teeny. cottage.
is filled with great big memories of great big love.

like this special night.
the night my lovie proposed to me.

that all took place at our beach cottage. 
lovie knows how special it is to me & my family.
so he knew it would make for the perfect engagement night.

this weekend was our six month wedding anniversary.
and this week is the anniversary of our engagement night.
so, we found it most appropriate to go spend some time at the cottage.

we packed a picnic dinner.

and donned our sunset soiree styles.
{these beachy shoes are a steal at nordstroms}
and set out for a relaxing night at the beach.

it was the perfect way to celebrate this special week.
and well, just to celebrate this special life.


  1. I adore your hat in the last few pictures! Where is it from!? Email me?

  2. What a perfect night of celebration. Love the pictures of your engagement--I can practically feel the excitement and love. ;)

  3. I love your family cottage. Your Grandmother was a smart lady for buying such a cute cute cottage. The photos of you and your Hubby are just great! Your beautiful and he's quite the handsome catch. Happy Anniversary and best wishes for many more to come!

    1. he is quite a handsome fellow. love that sweet boy. thank you for the best wishes. xo.

  4. Aw, your engagement pics are so special! And that last photo of you two is just darling. Congratulations on your special 6 month mark, and cheers to many more!

    1. hi, sweet girl. thank you. thank you. another guest post soon?! xo.

  5. this is adorable and I love your sweet little beach cottage.. those are the best florida homes!

  6. You make me smile and bring a tear to my eye all at the same time!!! What blessings you have AND what a blessing you are!!! Great post sunshine...just PERFECT~



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