glam grab.

alright, little lovelies. 
i have something incredibly fun to share with you.
you all know that i am a huge lover of jewels.
bangles. baubles. bracelets.
the bigger the better & stack 'em up high.
i would save all my pennies to have a collection of endless jewels.

i am a big believer in the thought that
accessories make your outfit.
one could wear a simple tee and jeans... 
but rock chic & bold accessories
and that outfit soars from ordinary to extraordinary. 

i do not follow any rules when it comes to accessorizing.
and often times i really go overboard.
and i happen to love that.

i have had several people inquire about how i coordinate my jewels,
so i thought i would share some tips on how to make it work.

the go-to-everyday armful of jewels.
i truly wear an excessive amount of bangles & baubles nearly everyday.
always pair different sizes & shapes when stacking your jewels.
i find that combining structured bangles with textured bracelets always looks the best.
always go for an eclectic yet purposeful look.
for example, choose to work with all gold pieces,
but choose pieces that would not typically go together.

my go-to.
three classic bangles of varying width.
one chain gold bracelet with charms dangling off.
one over-sized, chunky, gold link piece.
two dainty gold beaded bracelets.
throw them all on and let the jingle-jangle begin. 

the statement necklace.
i always boast of the importance of a dramatic necklace. and i always will. 
my biggest tip when accessorizing with a necklace.
bigger is always better.
go bold. go chunky. go for a statement. 
everyone can pull off a dramatic necklace. and everyone should. 

don't pay a pretty penny.
it is pretty clear, i am a jewelry junkie.
but sadly many jewels can leave your piggy bank dry.
but dripping in jewels does not have to cost a pretty penny.
you certainly do not have to buy high-end pieces to achieve the look you want. 
find shops & boutiques that carry funky jewels at a reasonable price.

my new fave go-to for insanely well priced bling is 

Glam Grab Accessory Auctions presents an exciting, new way 
to shop online for designer-inspired contemporary jewelry and accessories. 
In step with the latest, fashion-forward trends, Glam Grab features
 its limited collections every Monday evening on its Facebook page. 
Here, style-conscious fans have the opportunity to bid on 
fixed-price treasures ranging from just $15-40. 
Don't miss an auction, 'Like' Glam Grab on Facebook to 
catch previews of their baubles and to bid. 
Auctions held every Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. Central. 

how wonderfully cool is that?!
and their jewels are amazing. check it out.

glam grab has an abundance of great pieces for every girl's style. 
be sure to check them out to participate in the monday night auctions. 

oh, but there is more.
glam grab is generously giving one c'est si bon reader a sweet treat.

this beautiful cross bracelet is the prize
for one of you, my loves. 

to enter in this giveaway, follow the following steps. 
and lastly, 
leave a comment sharing your fave piece 
from the glam grab look book above.

winner will be announced may 13.
but don't miss the auction tomorrow night!

thanks, glam grab.
c'est si bon adores you.

{images courtesy of glam grab. and pinterest. unknown}


  1. Kristin BedinghausMay 6, 2012 at 9:40 AM

    Love love love the cross bracelet! xoxo

  2. The cross bracelet is gorgeous! But I also LOVE the necklace shown in both white in "white hot glam" and turquoise in "ocean glam"!

  3. The cross bracelet is gorgeous! But I also LOVE the necklace shown in both white in "white hot glam" and turquoise in "ocean glam"!

  4. Anne MacKenzie HendersonMay 6, 2012 at 10:13 AM

    love it ALL, but if I had to the braided bracelet in Glam Yacht

  5. I love love love the cross unique and gorgeous!

  6. LOVE the cross bracelet and everything in Glam Luxe!

  7. the necklace in white hot glam, and the ring in glam yacht! beatriz maxson

  8. The cross bracelet is beautiful but so is that beautiful gold gilded braid bracelet!!

  9. Love the braided bracelet and the gold necklace with the green pendant in ocean glam... but I think the cross bracelet is my favorite!

  10. I am all about the beach and coral glam!!!!

  11. I have "liked" Glam Grab on Facebook and am already a fan of C'est si Bon. I love the Ocean Glam collection! All of them are just lovely but the beach, turquoise, and all things sea and shell just call to me (although not in a pirate-y kind of way. unless it's Johnny Depp!)

  12. I love everything in the Boho Glam category! But all of the jewelry is AMAZING!

  13. The cross bracelet is absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love it!

    1. Ughh...I could not get my name up. It's Melissa Shible.

  14. LOVING ALL OF IT...but must say the OCEAN GLAM is really hittin the spot...look out auction here I come....

  15. So hard to choose! I love a few pieces from each, but the Glam Yacht collection of goodies is my favorite. Love this site! Thanks for sharing :)


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