a c'est si bon look.

like every other girl in this great big sparkly world,
i am so in love with blair of atlantic-pacific.
the girl has got style like it is nobodys business.

i have followed her blog for a good while now,
and she always provides such great styling inspiration.
always completely put together. always chic. always adorable.

not only does blair have such a great eye for fashion,
but she is also as sweet as pie.
i have loved getting to chat with her a small bit via blogs & email.

i just had to share this one look that she just featured,
as it is totally. completely. and absolutely. 
a c'est si bon kinda look.
i would wear this outfit everyday if i could. 

black. white. striped. chic.
my go-to look.

seriously? those shoes!

i would give anything for this jacket.
it has my name written all over it.

that bow.
oh. my. cuteness.
blair actually took this bow from an old headband.
i happen to think that is a brilliant idea.

and what c'est si bon kinda outfit is complete
without an armful, or two, of bangles and baubles?

don't you agree?
this outfit just screams c'est si bon! c'est si bon!

thank you, sweet blair. i am loving this look.
so, lovelies. if you do not already follow blair, you must start.
atlantic-pacific will quickly become your go-to for street chic inspiration.

{all images are courtesy of atlantic-pacific blog}


  1. what an adorable outfit! I agree.. C'est si bon!

    1. isn't it just stinkin cute?! i adore it in every single way. xo.

  2. when i first saw this post on her blog, i just about died!! she is so amazing!!! SWOON!!!


    1. yes, she is terribly talented. always looks so cute. thanks for dropping by. xoxo.

  3. And she's a Florida Gator to top it off! She was a Tri Delt while I was KD. :)


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