sugar paper.

i have such a huge treat for all you, my lovelies.
if you are anything like me.
a lover of stationery. hand written correspondence. & love notes.
you will be so thrilled to open this little visual gift.
it is so pretty it should be wrapped in a big bow.

meet my new friends jamie & chelsea.
the brilliant ladies behind my obsession

not only does sugar paper have the sweetest & most lovable name.
but i am quite certain this little papery is the 
most charming. most smitten-worthy. most darling one of them all.

being connoisseurs of correspondence,
james & chels believe that stationery makes life-lasting impressions.
so after falling in love with the simplicity & nostalgia of letterpress printing,
they created sugar paper.

they have created papers that are dripping with sugary-sweet-goodness.
i mean, like, cotton candy. whipped cream. rock candy. sweet.
sweet. sweet. as sweet as sweet can be. sweet.

like this.

please take note of the details.
the edges of this announcement are stunningly beautiful.

and the letterpress script is too beautiful for words.

there are hardly words to express my love for this stationery.
the scalloped edges. the cursive letterpress. the saturated pink envelope.
if there ever were a perfect stationery for this girl...
this would surely be it.

i adore the vintage & nostalgic feel of this set.
the craft brown paper. the script. perfection.

oh, it is love.
again, attention to the detail.
i am dying over the gold trimmed edges.

love. love. love. 
gold letterpress is always a wonderful idea.

how impossibly precious is this set of personalized stationery?
the edges. the polka dots. the pale color palette. 
i am smitten over these sweeties.

i have always loved letterpress.
it is just so classically timeless. crisp. & beautiful.
i was so thrilled to stumble upon sugar baby because these girls
truly adore. and appreciate. the entire letterpress process. 

each and every piece of paper. each and every envelope.
is hand-fed into an antique press. 
one. by. one.
this gives such great character & individuality to each paper.
a depth that modern machinery simply cannot recreate.

the girls at sugar paper graciously sent some papers to play around with.
and this is my fave of all the goodies.

i love this for so many reasons.
the black & white stripes. the gold. the font. 

ok, so truly, are you not just dying over sugar paper?
i simply cannot get enough of them. 
you surely must hop on over to their site to shop around.
you will be blown away at the cuteness that is sugar paper. 

thanks, jamie & chelsea.
you made this hand-written-letter-lovin-girl so happy.

{c'est si bon was not compensated for this post. sugar paper did send product to review. opinions are my own}


  1. The photos were so beautiful I could hardly read what you had to say b/c I was scrolling so fast to see! Beautiful stuff.. thanks for sharing!

  2. they did our christmas card this past year - my absolute favorite paper store. ever. xx

  3. I love these! I definitely need to stop by Sugar Paper to do some shopping!


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