six months.

six months ago today
i married my little lovie.
the Lord graciously gave me such a precious man 
to spend the rest of my life loving.
and i could not be anymore grateful for him.
{you will fall in love with him, too, after you read this love note}

so, naturally we decided to celebrate six months of love
in the most glamorous way we could possibly think of. 

packing boxes. moving furniture. wrapping crystal.
eating too much pizza. with too much grease. with extra toppings.
drinking non-diet sodas & eating junky treats.
getting into bed early to rent a movie after a tiring day of moving.

but you know what?
i wouldn't have it any other way.
just the two of us together. all day long. 
plus, you should have seen my lovies big muscles lifting all the boxes.
he is such a hunk, if i do say so myself. 

here are the highlights of our special day.

loving the color coordinated packing.
i knew i loved black and white, but woah.
black and white boxes. black and white frames. etc.

worlds. best. pizza. a la gigi's.
sweet side note. 
my parents have been eating there since they started dating at 18 years old.
they would get gigi's pizza every sunday night. 
and still do. 

new fave drink.
joia all natural soda.
they have different flavors, but this one is divine.
grapefruit. chamomile. & cardamom.

and i just have to say.
one of my dear friends introduced me to these little guys.
and i have very mixed emotions about it.
blueberry yogurt covered pretzels are amazing.
but i cannot stop craving them now. 
i have developed a definite love-hate relationship with them.

well, we are crawling into our jammies & hopping into bed. 
love movie nights with my lovie. 


  1. Congrats on the new move!

    1. thanks, holly. we are actually temporarily moving in with my lovie's brother. haha. should be fun!


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