a lady of grace.

my grandmother is such a lady of grace.
a classic beauty.
with a kind heart. and a loving disposition.

growing up, she was a true gadabout.
a seeker of all things amusing.
an adventurer in every capacity. a risk taker at great levels.
she lived life to the fullest. and has written stories to prove it.

a violinist in the florida orchestra. and an accomplished artist.
a world traveler. and the recipient of her master's degree.
a nurse. a wife. a mother. and a grandmother.
her life is colored with curiousity. artfulness. and intelligence.
she is quite a remarkable lady.

i hope to live a life equally as seasoned as my grandma gail has.
she continues to live life to its fullest.
and savors every minute.

oh, and she throws in a heaping amount of witty humor, too.


  1. Beautiful words about a beautiful lady!

  2. beautiful and elegant, you look like her. Is she coming to Italy?

  3. so enchanting + aren't you blessed to have such a grandmother. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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