book obsession.

i recently stumbled upon the glossy pages of a most lovely book.
paris in color.

i found it at anthro,
which is where i find all my fave coffee table books.
i could spend hours submersing myself in this pretty little book.
over and over again. as the pages will never become old to me.

each page is overflowing with images from the city of lights.
organized into color hues from vivid violet to opulent orange.
and each page boasts the beauty of its color,
as if saying 
i am the color that defines paris.

the flowers are saturated in hues of purple.

and the buggies are bursting yellow rays.

natural beiges seem chic as ever.

and noir brings great drama. 

orange blooms sing cheerfulness along the streets.

while red chairs invite passerby's to rest awhile.

blues sprinkle the city all over.

you must go find this book.
you will enjoy flipping through the pages.
imagining yourself walking the parisian streets snapping away.
living colorfully. 

{all images courtesy of paris in color}


  1. I adore Paris and Anthro- always has such tempting and inspiring items.

  2. This book looks amazing! The colors of Paris are so gorgeous. Love these photographs!


  3. I have this book + it is

  4. Thank you for sharing! I so long to be there again... until then I need this book!


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