rainy days.

it is terribly rainy today.
gray skies. gusty winds. & oversized raindrops.
puddles are plentiful & the mud is messy.

mother nature certainly has a sense of humor
seeing as how june one is the first day of hurricane season.
she certainly is punctual.
a characteristic that i greatly appreciate.

being a florida girl in every sense of the word,
i do love bright & sunny days.
but i happen to also tremendously love an ocassional rainy day.
i love being given unwavering permission to lazily savor a soggy day.
cozying up in my fave jammies & wearing slipplies all day long.
drinking hot tea. watching movie marathons. reading a good book.
essentially being forced to just relax.
guilt free.

today is not one of those relaxing rainy days.

it happens to be the very last day of our first grade year.
which brings me so much joy that i may go
pouncing in the puddles & strolling in the streams of rainwater.

so, after this girl packs up her room.
takes down the bulletin boards. & finishes report cards.
you better believe she will be soaking in this very rainy day.

hello, summertime.

{images courtesy of tumblr. kate spade. style by celina. unknown}

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