a queen of correspondence.

i have two dear friends that i greatly admire.
they are actually a mother-daughter dynamic duo.
{you never see one without the other}
they are terribly chic & every fiber of their being is made of kindness.
they simply exude thoughtfulness. love. & encouragement.

i like to call them
the queens of correspondence.
the masters of remembering birthdays.
the gurus of acknowledging others victories.
and the ultimate at delivering encouragement in times of need.
these girls were born to show love.

there is not a birthday day that goes by
that i do not come home to a card tied to my door knob.
and there is not a holiday- either big or small-
that these gals do not take the time to honor us. 

and the best part of it all.
i know that they do this for everyone.

i often wonder how they remember each significant date.
do they have a giant calendar that they check everyday?
do they just have the gift of remembering dates?
are they really just that thoughtful?

a few days ago my family celebrated a significant day.
and as we pulled up to the house, 
we could see a little card & ribbon hanging on the knob.
my mom & i looked at each other with that knowing look...
the girls had dropped by to leave some love.

it inspired me.
these little notes of love bring such happiness.
and i want to spread joy to the world.
just as these two lovely ladies have done for years & years.

so, i was on a mission.
a mission to find a stinkin cute calendar to start keeping every significant date.
dates that are not just significant to me.
dates that are significant to me because they are hugely significant to others. 

i found the perfect little calendar.
meet sarah pinto's little cutie of a date planner.

this calendar design makes me want to celebrate.
it has so much energy & life.
{not to mention it is also made of recycled paper}

cute, right?
totally preppy.

sarah also design notebooks & postcards.

this is my lucky notebook.
write all your goals & wishes in this baby.
they will be covered in good luck. 

darling postcards.
these are cute enough to make all girls long to be 
a queen of correspondence.

and of course if you have the perfect
calendar. notebook. postcard. etc.
you must have the perfect pen.

le pen.

perfect to keep clipped to the spiral of your calendar.
i especially love the color choices. 
cute to boot.

so, who is with me?
are you just bursting with anticipation of filling in a calendar.
just think of the fun it would be to color code various events of celebration.

pink for all birthdays.
blue for all holidays.
green for all accomplishments. 
how fun?!

sarah has generously sent a calendar for me to give away to
one lucky c'est si bon reader.
{my birthday is already filled in. only teasing}

to enter in this giveaway follow these three simple steps.

one. subscribe by email to follow c'est si bon.
two. share the link on your facebook page.
three. leave a comment sharing which sarah pinto design is your fave.

the winner will be announced on june 8.
mark that date on your calendars, ladies.

alright, i am off to fill in my new polka dotted calendar.
thanks, sarah! 


  1. I am a follower of your fab. blog + I adore the new polka dotted calendar. Thank you for treats. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  2. Shared on fb darling! Signed up for emails. And would loooove the flag design. Such a great idea. June 2012 I am starting my notebook of amazing dates to remember others and make them smile as they so deserving do!


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