carry-on essentials.

stocking a carry-on purse is hugely important.
especially when you will be in the air for 9+ hours.
one wants to be certain that you have all of the airplane essentials.

you know.
the entertainment. 
the beauty remedies.
the comfiest of all comfies.

this is a c'est si bon girls idea of a perfectly packed cary-on purse.

each pretty little piece is of equal importance
to ensure a well enjoyed ride in the sky.

first off. an oversized tote bag is a total must have.
i am loving this one. designed by the row. 
its so sleek. but still large enough to carry everything.

an ipad is an absolute essential, as the possibilities of entertainment are endless.
books to read for the bibliophile. movies to watch for the cinema chic.
lists to be made for the girl-on-the-go. & games to be played for the inner kid in you.
plus, i am over-the-top in love with my gold ipad case a la henri bendel.

ipod and super cool gold & black headphones.
listening to fave tunes with fancy earbuds is always in style.

a chic scarf is always necessary.
if you are anything like me, i am always chilly in an airplane.
so a cozy scarf is the perfect carry-on accessory.

comfy shoes are of utmost importance, too.
loving these super classic toms. 
easy to slip off & on while going through airport security.

a huge stack of magazines is always great to carry on board.
i can spend hours upon hours scouring through magazines.
fashion. beauty. travel. home design. cooking.
love it all. 

being a writer, i always like to carry a journal around with me.
it is great for scribbling down ideas as i find inspiration on-the-go.

oh, and i am proud to admit that i am totally one of those girls 
that loves to practice signing my name. 
i could practice beautiful handwriting in my journal all day long. 
this kate spade journal & le pen are essentials.

and of course, i always have my simple beauty bag with me.
moisturizer. lipgloss. & mascara.
there is nothing worse than getting off an endless flight and looking tired.
a quick face massage with a great moisturizer is the perfect way to help perk you right up.
a pinch of the cheeks for a natural flush.
a swish or two of mascara. & some bright lipgloss.
you will be like a new. rejuvenated. & energized lady.
keeping these beauty products in your carry-on purse allows for quick access.

well, now that my carry-on purse is perfectly packed...
i am off to tackle the carry-on suitcase.


  1. a great trick whilst on international flights..wear something with pockets put pennies(any amount you would like) in a pocket, every time you drink a glass or bottle of water put one penny in the other pocket. By the time you reach the other side of the pond all the pennies will be in one pocket or the other + you will be well hydrated. Happy

  2. love that tote! have so much fun on your trip. can't wait to see pictures!


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