i am completely & utterly inspired by a certain italian fashion icon.
a former fashion editor for vogue l'uomo & a contributor to w magazine.
the perennial definition of chic, ms. giovanna battaglia.

there is nothing more stylish than a simple black shirt dress.
i am drooling over the pocket & collar detail.

one piece perfection.
this is such a classic look.
impossibly chic in every possible way.

absolutely timeless.
khaki & black make a huge impression.
i love her popped collar- edgy not preppy.
and those oversized sunnies are out of this world glamorous.

quite possibly my fave blouse.
loving the boldness.

there are so many elements of style in this look.
i have been coveting this hermes scarf for several years now.
back in my days of personal shopping at bergdorf goodman,
i laid eyes on this horseshoe scarf & have never forgotten it.

i am always a huge fan of monochromatic whites.
and the scalloped details just takes this white-on-white to the next level.

and really?
have you ever seen such a stunning cuff?
like i said... this outfit is over the top perfection.

this is such a breezy dress.
i love the shoulder detail & the ultra-feminine collar.
so lovely. 

giovanna is effortlessly stylish.
a true example of street chic.

i found great joy in finding these pictures of her,
as my entire suitcase is packed to the brim with nothing other than
black. white. cream. & khaki clothing. 

here is to hoping i can look half as chic as she.

{images courtesy of appolinas. passioneamore. garance dor. pinterest. and unknown}


  1. Please take photos of all of your glamorous outfits in Italy. I am looking forward to the fashion show!

  2. She def. has a style to aspire to! I would count myself as luck if I end up 1/2 as chic as her!

    xoxo, Emily


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