civita di bagnoregio.

civita may be my all time fave town in italy.
a quaint & ancient town that boasts the talents of sweetly doing nothing.
a town that very few get the pleasure of seeing. and even fewer greatly appreciate.

sitting on its great pedestal, civita is perched high in the clouds on top of a great rock.
only accessible by foot, one crosses the long bridge to enter the romanesque arches
carved out by the etruscan population 2,500 years ago.
civita is a remarkable witness of history.

while i am a city girl through & through,
i found an overwhelming amount of pleasure strolling these empty streets.
there are no museums. no shops. no tours.
no attractions for the usual tourist.
there are simply tiny roads, puzzle pieced together.
and family eateries, where mother. father. & children work together.
and homes that are populated by those who appreciate a true tuscan getaway.
the getaway that fills your days with drinking wine. eating food. and sitting the day away.
all the while overlooking the tuscany countryside surrounding. 

join me for a stroll through civita. 
a true italian gem.

isn't it just magnificent?
the way the sun reflects golden hues is simply stunning. 
{that is us hiking the long, steep bridge that connects civita to outside towns}

i could absolutely come home to this sweet little door stoop. 

everywhere you look. every street you turn down.
every one is lovelier than the last.

i adore all the rich textures that make up this town.
the stones. the clay. the woods. 
they all boast so much character & charm. 

that view is amazing. 
God sure knows how to make this world a beautiful one.

i could not get enough of the architectural brilliance.

we had the most amazing dinner in this wine cellar cave.
absolutely amazing in every way. and the food was hugely superb.

love my little lovie.
our little noses are pink from days spent beneath the tuscan sun.

drew baby. looking dapper as can be.

a toast to an amazing trip with even more amazing friends. 
italy 2012 was more fabulous than i had ever imagined. 

if you ever have the chance to visit civita. you must do so.
simply stroll through the town & rest in the piazza.
it will provide the most abundant of all joys.


  1. I love this post, and so glad you had an amazing time in wonderful Italy!


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