our sweet little villa is right outside the town of orvieto.
and today we decided to spend the day exploring through orvieto proper.
what a darling town it is. in every possibly way. 
from the piazzas to the pizzas. from the duomo to the dapper duds.
this town is downright unbelievable. 

darling streets just begging to be strolled upon.
i tell you, i could spend days walking the streets of orvieto.

visiting the duomo in orvieto was such a highlight.
i was blown away at the magnificent size & splendor. 
i was especially intrigued by the mosaic tiling that served as decor.
to think that hundreds & hundreds of years ago, each tile was laid by hand...
that is simply amazing to me. 

the interior of the duomo was equally as majestic. 
the columns. the arches. the frescos. 
such a beautiful place of worship.

the paths of orvieto were lined with grape bushes.

and greenery adorned every wall in sight. 

i am such an ivy lover. this door frame had my name written all over it. 

it was so pretty, in fact, that i decided to sit and enjoy it for a spell. 

dining alfresco with my lovelies.
two devilishly handsome brett men & the beautiful kristen menke.

i was enamored with the exterior of the duomo. 
the black & white stripes were so chic.
i've always said that black & white stripes were timeless.

there is nothing sweeter than ending the night sipping wine
from a local vineyard with sweet family & friends. 
oh, and cheering on the italian soccer team with the locals. 

a lovely day. in a lovely town. with my most lovely little family. 

florence bound in the morning.
can hardly wait for round two in that great big city.

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