a tuscan villa.

sending a big overdue hello & lots of love from tuscany.
we have had such a wonderful time touring around this beautiful countryside.
it is even more lovely than we could have ever imagined. 

we are staying in an 800 year old tuscan farmhouse that sits on the top of a great big hill.
it is surrounded by quaint italian towns that exude charm. history. & hospitality.
where the wine is always flowing. the food is abundant. & the people are friendly.
it really is quite a dream.

living in a villa surrounded by stone.

and pretty potted flowers.

everywhere you look boasts a most beautiful view.

with its own private drive & a wrought iron gate,
this villa really is simply stunning. 

it even has moss growing between the bricks-- 
which you all know is my absolute fave. 

the brick & stone laying is magnificent in itself.
it is amazing to think they have stood the test of time.

i could really get used to coming home to this.
a rustic italian villa filled with family & friends.
a nineteen person slumber party every night.
this girl loves it. 

if the walls of our little villa could talk.
they would tell stories of laughter. and love.
lots & lots of love. 

oh. and speaking of love.
sending big love out to my most wonderful dad today.
to the most amazing father a girl could ever ask for...
happiest of all fathers days to you. 
i could not love you any more.

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  1. Wow, great post and pictures!! Everything looks so beautiful. My husband I and were just looking at Tuscan Villa rentals last week. I am dying to go to Tuscany. Hopefully I will get there soon and I can post beautiful pictures like this. Thanks so much for sharing.


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