stud muffin.

valentino certainly nailed studded it this time.
never have i ever been so enamored with such rock stud style.

how amazing are these little stud muffins?!
i am coveting them in a big ol' way.

while shopping in rome last week, i saw these in all sorts of fall styles.
animal print. black. red. taupe. each one more glorious than the next.
and the best part. they not only had them in heels,
but they had them in chic pointy toed flats.
and you know that i live in those babies.

i can totally see these studded flats being an everyday staple in my fall wardrobe.
black skinny ankle pants. black blouse. effortlessly tousled scarf. valentino stud muffins.
perfect fall uniform. chic to boot. 

how would you rock these studded shoesies?

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