mis en chic.

when it comes to chic home decor & style
there is one lady who tops them all.
heidi kiffin, the style guru & shop owner of mis en chic
has got an eye for absolutely beautiful things. 

simply stepping into her shop is enough to make your heart skip a beat.
sending it into a fluttery new love affair with all things frenchie-chic.
and you have yet to even begin taking in all the beauty.
every where you look. every nook. & every shelf is overflowing
with beautiful furniture. antique pieces. & home accents.
each one more lovely than the last.

i had the pleasure of chatting with sweet heidi last week.
and believe me when i say. she is just as darling as her little indian shores shop.
the wispy & dainty blonde beauty has enormous style & grace.
an abundance of humility was evident, too. as she was so grateful to be recognized.
i simply loved meeting with her & hearing all about her little baby,
the glorious mis en chic.

heidi lived this girls dream. living in france for seven years.
walking the streets. speaking the language. and immersing herself in the beauty.
planting the seeds of what would quickly become an 
impossibly & expertly honed eye for architectural beauty & style.

after coming back to the states, heidi longed to capture the essence of france in her home.
so what started as a love for decorating her own home with unique & timeless pieces
quickly grew into a passion for finding one-of-a-kind pieces for other home decor lovers.
and as a result of her innate talent for finding such luxurious pieces,
mis en chic took off. leaving admires swooning with adoration.

quite possibly one of my fave pieces in the shop is this antique couch.
absolutely stunningly beautiful.
i love the side panels more than words can say.

this dining room table is great round table. 
and the place settings are just lovely.
i am thinking that i need these gold place mats for our next home.
they are so my style.

how magnificent is this ice bucket?
this line of tabletop decor also makes a corresponding pitcher & napkin rings.
this would make a lovely wedding gift.

i am a huge lover of displaying an abundance of pillows.
this couch is boasting tons of pillows of different patterns & styles.
i love how heidi styled this couch with eclectic pillows.
the shell & seahorse pillows are hand painted.
simply breathtaking.

this chair is darling.
and i am swooning over this rosette pillow.
the sweetness is perfectly balanced by the neutrality of color & texture of fabric.

this chest of drawers has my name all over it.
have you ever seen something so gloriously stunning?!
i simply adore the variation in drawer sizes & styles.
whenever we get our next house, this will surely belong in my bedroom.

along side of this beautiful bedspread & pillows.
the detail that went in to creating these pillows is astounding.
you must go see these in person.

and these candles.
not only is the display simple amazing.
these candles are the most luxurious candles i have ever seen.
made in paris, heidi is one of the only shops around to sell them.
the scents are so enchanting & mysterious.
the wooden floors of versailles. a cathedral burning incense. ernesto of cuba.
they are truly incomparable to any candle i have ever smelled before.
these would make a lovely housewarming gift.

heidi also carries unique jewelry.

my fave being this exquisite bracelet.

i am absolutely coveting this mother of pearl chandelier. 
it is magnificent. 
and how about those dining room chairs?
antique chairs that tell years of stories.

another of my all-time faves are these candle sticks on the right.
this set of three gold gilded candle sticks are so beautiful.
and would serve as the perfect accent piece to any mantle.
i also adore these wine bottle candles. so cute. so clever.
a local creative mind uses old wine bottles to create these darling candles.

it is simple to see that heidi has an incredible gift of style.
she travels all over the country & overseas to the paris flea market 
to collect pieces for her shop & clients. 

mis en chic has become so popular, in fact, that they have outgrown
their darling little indian shores location.
after being open in the same location for three years,
great success & popularity has required the shop to relocate.
to downtown saint petersburg!
did you hear that?
mis en chic is moving to downtown st. pete.
when i heard this amazing news, i was completely overjoyed.
come the beginning of fall, mis en chic will have a lovely storefront downtown.
how amazingly. impossibly. outstandingly. wonderful is this news?!

c'est si bon will certainly be a regular shopper of the new downtown shop.
{sorry, lovie.}

in the meantime, do swing by the indian shores shop to take a peak.
you will quickly realize why i love this shop so very much.
you will adore seeing all of the great pieces that heidi has found.

mis en chic is truly a one-of-a-kind store.
unique. chic. & lovely as can be.

thank you, sweet heidi.
i am so thrilled to be friends.

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  1. Gorgeous! LOVE that shop! Can't wait to see them in Downtown St.Pete!


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