fudge it.

oh. my. goodness. lawdamercy. 
i may or may not have just found the sweetest little treat.
and not to mention. literally a piece of cake to make.

i will call it the not so fudge. lets just fudge it. mocha coconut fudge.
and, girlfriend. it. is. good. 

today i stumbled upon how sweet it is blog. 
and was beyond blown away at all her great recipes.
{recipes like hot blueberry cheddar dip. um. amazing}
instantly when i saw her mocha coconut fudge. i knew i had to make it.
i am such a lover of anything mocha. anything coconut. and anything fudgie.
so clearly. this treat was gonna knock it outta the park for this girl.

while it is not a true-to-form. fudge. fudge.
it totally deserves the glory that is given to old fashioned fudge.
this fudge is amazingly delicious & takes minutes to make.

in my {cook}book... a treat that is pretty and delicious 
earns extra brownie fudgie points.
and really, how beautiful are these little fudge squares?

they would make such a lovely gift. 
wrapped in parchment paper. 
and tied with a pretty black & white ribbon.

coconut critics do not be dismayed. 
the coconut flavor is subtle. 
yet the toasted flakes create such depth of flavor.
it will literally knock your socks off.

and surely you could substitute any flavor you like.
peppermint. almond. or simply leave it as a rich mocha. 

whatever you decide.
i am confident that it will be divine.
here is the recipe for the mocha coconut fudge.

so. i now have a tin full of fudge-it fudge. 
and i need to give it all away before i over-indulge in it.
any takers?

{my camera is down for the count. all images were pulled from how sweet it is blog.}


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