going for the gold.

seeing as how today kicks off the 2012 olympics.
i have totally got gold on my mind.
thought it was most appropriate that we celebrate
with nothing other than some glamorous golden goodness.

dying over this golden accent.
has there every been a more glamorous door knob?

love every bit of gold in this bedroom.
the golden wallpaper. golden night stand. golden lamp.
love it all.

there are hardly words to express my adoration for this.
this is golden perfection. times ten.

to have a wall lined with golden gilded mirrors
would certainly be a feast for the eyes.

to pour my coffee from a shiny golden french press?
oh, don't mind if i do.

and this most exquisite golden chair
is a necessity in every marble bathroom.

hello, golden velvet couch.
you belong in my future family room.
have you ever laid eyes on a more lovely couch?

i am absolutely going for the gold.
and i am certain it will dazzle the crowds.

{images courtesy of wit and design. pinterest. micheleverian. delight by design. house beautiful}

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