golden goodies.

it is no surprise that i am a golden girl.
i love everything gold & sparkly.
i stack on layers of gold jewels. 
& i adorn my house with golden accents.
i live for gold leaf pens & gold gilded furniture.
everything in my little life is just golden.

that is why i need these little pretties.
yes. i neeeeed them.

everything about this little get-up is perfect.
how terribly cute is this gold sequin cardigan?
i am proud to admit that i would wear this. like. everyday.
and this darling black & white peter pan collar dress is just the cutest.
it looks like the uniform for a c'est si bon girlie.

these kate spade shoes are a must have for this girl.
the black is suede. which would be so luxe for the fall & winter.
plus i just adore the gold bookends of this shoe. how chic.
i can honestly say that i would wear these with nearly every outfit in my closet.
wearing black & gold is a regular occurence during the cooler seasons.
so it seems only necessary that these shoesies find their way to me.

oh. how i love this glam necklace.
kate spade sure knows what she is doing.
i love how big & bold this piece is.
the perfect accoutrement to a simple jeans & tee kinda day.
so pretty, isn't she?

just a few must-haves to add to my ever growing list of lovelies.

{images courtesy of zara. kate spade}


  1. OMG. that kate spade necklace is amazing.

    1. isn't it? i just love it. and quite frankly, i need it. xo.

  2. Oh my gosh these are just perfect! Where is that cardie and dress from? Hoping they are in my price range, fingers crossed.

    xx Jenee C.

    1. zara! how great are they?! i am majorly coveting them! xoxo.

  3. I'm totally with you on the black & gold and sparkles!
    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs


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