olivia love.

has there ever been a more beautiful lady?
i mean honestly. olivia. you are timelessly. classically. glamorous. 

totally. utterly. & completely. loving these images. 
the colors are deeply rich. the designs are impossibly chic.

all of these outfits belong in my fall wardrobe.
especially that fur collared coat.
love. love. love.

{images courtesy of tattler russia}


  1. Such a style icon! Absolutely love her! My friend saw her strolling around Soho the other day with a beautiful man in tow.

    1. oh my goodness, jen! i think i would just die if i saw her. did she look so terribly chic?! i am confident she did! xoxo.

  2. Love your blog! I found it through 101 things.

    I think Olivia is STUNNING but I hear she is a total snot and a huge snob which sort of ruins it for moi. :-)


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