airbrush appeal.

every girl longs for a flawless. glowing. complexion.
you know, the perfect dewiness that only comes from being airbrushed.
no imperfections. no discoloration. 
just a fresh-faced dewiness.

ladies, brace yourselves.
i may have found three products to achieve that airbrush appeal.
three little must-have beauty essentials that promise a flawless face.
right in your very own home. everyday. without fail. 

mom and i went in for a makeover a few weeks ago.
just for fun. girlie mother-daughter time. a little pampering.
after hours of playing with colors & hues. we walked away with these three products.
and i can promise that they will remain a staple in my beauty regimen. 

oh, chanel sublimage.
you are a miracle worker.
this regenerating fluid is more amazing than words can say.
you can literally see the transformation in your skin seconds after you apply.
your skin is instantly rehydrated & full of life.
this is a pretty little penny...
but i kid you not. it is magical.

the foundation of all foundations.
this water-based skin perfecting make-up does just that.
it literally covers up every blemish. every color spot. every. little. imperfection.
and being water-based means that it is great for acne prone skin.

this blending brush is the essential piece.
it effortlessly ensures that you will have an airbrushed look.
simply put a bit of foundation on the back your hand. dip the brush in.
pat it on your face. and then the brush does all the work.
it is quite amazing.

i have always been one to use my fingers to apply foundation.
but i will never. ever. ever. do so again.
this brush evenly disperses the foundation so perfectly.
and it gives such a light & airy look. never cakey.
using these three beauty must-haves will ensure a natural & flawless face.
i promise.

you must head on over to your nearest chanel make-up counter & try them out.
while you are at it, grab a friend and make an afternoon out of it.
my mom and i had such a ball trying new eyeshadow colors & blushes.
it is the glamorous version of playing dress up. 

so thrilled to have found these chanel products.
i love knowing that even on my worst skin day i can accomplish an airbrushed look.
yahoo! yippee! yay!


  1. Yahoo! already use them + now you do too + Chanel can not be beat. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I have been a fan of airbrush tanning for years. I have a lady who comes to my house with her "tan van" and I get sprayed in her van. I love it! I don't even have to wear makeup with an airbrush b/c the color is just perfect.


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