cortona & todi.

the tuscan countryside is peppered with the most darling little towns.
we are in complete wanderlust chasing the winding roads 
that lead from one town to the next.
each town is overflowing with architectural brilliance.
and offers an abundance of charm too great to capture in any photo. 

todi is one town that has stolen my heart.
a sleepy little town. with twists & turns every where you look.
a perimeter stroll gifts one of the best views of todi imaginable. 

i just adore all of the shutters. 
how impossibly cute are these blue babies?

and talk about a great view.
absolutely breathtaking. 

i love how this photo captures such age.
the tiles have been loved to pieces by the tuscan sun. wind. rain.

a leisurely stroll along the rim of todi is just beautiful.

olives. olives. and more olives.

traveling garb.

loved hearing the church bells ring as we were leaving todi.

my handsome date for the trip. drew baby.
we passed these waves of wheat fields on the drive to cortona.
isn't it just the prettiest? 

cortona bound. 

cortona is full of these enchanting little side streets.
the perfect town to get lost in.

the perfect town to people watch.

cortona, we adore you. and all of your old town glory.
you are a lovely place to waste the day away.


  1. Oh Kristen. So jealous. I have also been to Todi and Cortona and Montepulciano. Enjoy!

  2. This looks incredible!! What a fabulous vacation.

    xoxo, Emily

  3. Wow, these photos are gorgeous!!! Tuscany is amazing. I went there once and I need to go back! Enjoy your time there :)


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