scoot. scoot.

alright, you seekers of adventure & lovers of excitement.
i have got such a fun story to share with you.

a stay in florence simply is not complete without a scooter tour.
oh yes, a vespa scoot-scoot ride through the countryside of florence.
hands-down the most thrilling way to view the scenery.
and the helmets are actually quite cute to boot, too.

in our short stay in florence we called up keith and andy of tuscany bike tours.
we had heard rave reviews from friends who have done this tour in the past,
so we just knew it was a must-do on our day trip. 
and oh my, these boys do not disappoint. 
it quite possibly was the best day of our italian vacay.

we started the day off with some pastries from an authentic little bakery 
just down the road from tuscany bike tours home office. 

we highly recommend the chocolate croissants.
they are the perfect source of energy for a highly active day.

after fueling up for our tour, we headed on out to the countryside.
the views in every direction were simply stunning. 

keith and andy start the adventure by guiding a tour of this sweet little town.
the town is owned by a count & countess... which added a new goal to my list of to-dos.
become a countess & live in a castle upon a tall hill.
this town is the home to a lovely winery that happens to make fabulous wines.

after touring that winery, we headed to the tippy-top of the castle.
where we stumbled upon these most beautiful views.

an italian cypress lined drive? yes, please. 

magnifico, right?!

the town chapel. so sweet.

absolutely lovely.

after taking in the views. & the wine.
it was go time.

we started off by practicing driving in circles.
i felt really good about my scoot-scoot skills the first lap or two.
and then it went downhill from there.
i totally froze.
like the big weenie baby i am.

i may look like a real pro in this picture, but don't be fooled.
minutes after this i quickly decided that i would rather be a rider than a driver.
thankfully, our guide didn't laugh at me. too much.
and he kindly allowed me to be the passenger on his bike.
i showed my appreciation by volunteering to do all the proper bike signals.
i am pretty sure i was a real big helper for him. 

after everyone else was warmed up, we were off on our way.

slowing down only for views like this one.

and this one.

and this one.

it was so amazing to drive the winding hill streets of florence.
the wind in our hair. the sun on our shoulders. 

on top of the world.

surrounded by wild flowers.

and majestic castles. 

super studly scooter boy.

i clearly did not want to take my helmet off.
safety first, friends.

keith and andy planned the most perfect day for us.
i highly recommend that if you are in the florence area
you make this bike tour top on your list of things to do.

you will have a boat load of fun. lots of laughs. and unforgettable memories.
a day of adventure that trumps all others.

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