worlds best chocolate cake.

this has been the absolute perfect
saturday morning. 

the windows are open.
eartha kitt is playing in the background.
and i am whisking away in the kitchen.
i live for days like these.
no agenda. just adventure with an apron on.

i have been on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cake recipe,
one that is irresistibly decadent.
and i do believe i have found it. 

i have a sweet, sweet friend
and she happens to be an extraordinary baker.
her coconut cake with the works is simple divine.
it can turn many a coconut critics minds.
she shared the recipe with me,
and i decided to try my own chocolate version. 
much to my delight, 
it was a huge chocolate success. 

i hate to admit that this glorious cake
did, in fact, start from a box of cake mix.
{i cannot believe i am actually sharing this dirty little secret}
but it is the truth. 
and i try to tell the truth.

so, to make the little baker in me feel a little less guilty,
lets just call it 
"the pre-measured ingredients."

start with your fave choice of
"pre measured ingredients,"
{i used dark chocolate cake mix}
add a box of instant chocolate pudding.
mix in four eggs.
pour in 2/3 cup oil.
one cup water.
and 2/3 cup sour cream.
mix into a smooth batter of chocolatey sweetness. 

fill two 9 inch cake pans.
and bake at 350 for twenty minutes.

literally, a piece of cake.
it doesn't get much easier than that.

when the cakes have cooled, 
transfer one cake to your cake stand.
put the other aside for a few minutes.

place parchment paper around the edges of your cake.
this will prevent your cake stand from getting dirty.
makes for perfect cake presentation, and that is so important. 

frost the first layer.

add the second cake on top.

and frost.

doesn't that just look delicious?
frost the sides and top with your fave decorative accent.
i used vanilla sugar,
and i like how it gives a little crunch.

how overly-indulgent does that cake look?
it is quite possible the most delicious & moist cake ever.

the frosting was quite simple, too.
i just used a traditional chocolate buttercream recipe.
and i added almond extract in place of the called for vanilla extract.
this cake was a huge hit and both the mills and brett homes.
cake for breakfast. lunch. and dinner.

i want to share another sweet treat with you.
ms. lucile prache of lucile's kitchen
may or may not be the sweetest thing around. 

i stumbled upon her etsy store and 
fell head over heels in love with her artwork. 
it certainly helps that she lives in paris and her art has a most lovely parisian flair.
but regardless, her prints are sweet enough to give you a sugar high.
plus, no calories to count here.

a french cake recipe.

a recipe for le cake d'amour.

a recipe for les profiteroles.

they are just the most darling pieces of artwork i have ever seen.
i'll take one of each, please. 

hope you have the sweetest weekend.

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