bat those babies.

nothing makes me feel as feminine
as fluttering full, voluminous, dark lashes. 

like most ladies, i leave mascara for the final touch.
and i spend entirely too many minutes layering on my mascara.
always have. always will.
there is an art to the perfect mascara application,
and it is well worth the extra minutes. 
apply once. allow to dry.
apply twice. allow to dry.
and so on, until i reach full potential. 

full potential.
those are important words,
as i do not have much to work with.
my lashes are good in length, but are not very thick.
i am always on the hunt for the best volume-producing mascara.  

my fave to date is chanel inimitable intense.
i have been obsessed with this product since 2006.

this little magic wand is, well, magical.
it lengthens. it separates. and it creates volume.
the triple crown of all mascara tubes. 

not to be a trader to old faithful,
but i have heard rave reviews about dior show mascara.

and i am curious.
do any of you wear dior show?

i read an article about dior show 
and learned that the brush was created to resemble a toothbrush brush. 
one fabulous makeup artist was using a toothbrush
to apply mascara for the dior runway shows 
and it worked so well that dior show mascara wand was created.
who knew?!

i am also in the market for an eyelash curler.
i have never owned one, and really never saw a real purpose.
but i am beginning to think otherwise.

i have read that this baby is the curler of all curlers.

the shu uemura. 
is it all it is cracked up to be?
apparently, a little heat from your blow dryer and this works wonders.
i need some beauty feedback, girls.
can you tell a difference after you use your eyelash curler?

i am loving that thick, imperfect lashes are making a come back.
spider-esque lashes a la twiggy.

she sure can bat those lashes with the best of them.

well, i am off to condition my lashes.
warm a bit of almond oil.
saturate cotton pads in the warm oil.
place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

flutter. flutter.


  1. I love Dior Show mascara in black! I first bought it back in 2007 and loved it. It lasted quite a long time too...

  2. LOVE Dior Show! It's fabu-lash! Give her a whirl!

  3. You are adorable! Love reading your blog since back in the day, I was a make up artist for Borghese and Lancôme. I actually use the Dior Show mascara and have found it to be a great mascara. I have fine lashes so it does the trick for me.....gave it to my daughter in laws and received good reviews. Not into curlers....using a good mascara should be enough to achieve the effect you want without damaging lashes.

  4. thanks, ladies! i am going to run out and try dior show! xoxo


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