sweet treat.

i am never one to pass on dessert.
my night just is not complete without some sort of
sweet treat night cap.

my lovie, on the other hand, does not have a sweet tooth.
i could have boxes of cookies and gallons of ice cream
that he would never, ever touch. 

i would end up eating it all. 
and in a very short amount of time.

that being said, i do not keep desserts in the house. 
it is just too tempting. 
and detrimental to my waist line.

there are many nights that i long for a dessert,
but the idea of going out to pick up a frozen yogurt or milkshake
is not such a good one.
i know it will taste divine, 
but i also know i will regret such indulgence.
so, i have learned to exercise my right to 
just say no. 
no, kristen. you really do not want that large chocolate & peanut butter frozen yogurt.
{repeat until belief}

i stumbled upon a great little treat recipe on
nom! nom! nom! the blog.
and i happen to think it is the perfect solution
to get my sweet tooth fix,
and not be too overly-indulgent. 

meet my new friend,
banana. peanut butter. chocolate. bites.  
this is a super easy treat,
that takes just minutes to whip up.

slice three bananas into coins.

lay the bananas out on parchment paper.
grab your fave peanut butter.
i used peanut butter & co smooth operator,
per usual.

spread a smidgen of peanut butter onto the banana slices. 

pour a bowl of chocolate.
i used ghirardelli semi-sweet chips.
pop the chips into the microwave for fifteen second intervals.
add a splash of milk to thin out the chocolate.

coat the coins with melted chocolate.
i found that using a fork to hold the banana
and using a spoon to pour the chocolate worked best.

place the chocolate covered coins back onto the parchment paper.
when you have covered them all, place the sheet in the freezer for a few hours
so that the chocolate hardens completely.

and voila! 

you now have the perfect little bite sized treat.
perfectly pop-able.

i plan on keeping my batch in the freezer,
taking out only two a night.
{i will let you know how that goes. i do not have a great history of self-control}

for all your sweet treat lovers, enjoy!

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