i am all girl.
from the tippie-top of my ballerina bun,
to the very end of my freshly painted toes.
one hundred percent girl.

i love frills. ruffles. and bows.
wear pink lips and cheeks,
in hues of rose and rock candy .
i love pearls. and diamonds.
 and all that jingle-jangles.

i just love being a girlie-girl. 

and it may be that valentines day is just around the corner.
or maybe i'm feeling romantic because my lovie surprised me with fresh flowers.
whatever it is, the girlie-girl in me is running wild.
my heart is pitter-pattering.
my eyelashes are fluttering.
and i am longing for everything lovely. 

here is a little pink eye candy.
here is to all my girlie-girls out there. 

pink peonies.
perfectly romantic.

a palette of pink.
loving all these hues.
from raspberry to blush.

pink pedals?
i think yes.

pink properness in all its glory.

pretty pinkies.

plush. pink. perfection.

pink puff ball cupcakes.
are they not the most darling?

pink & padlock.

pastel pink & tangerine orange.

a plethora of pink petals.
just heavenly.

pop a pink pout. 

pink patesserie.
a la paris. 

prink & print combo.
ultra chic. 

pink painted walls.
this photo rocks my world.
plus i am loving the fireplace,
edged in gold. 
pure decadence.

is all that pink sweet enough for you?!

{photos courtesy of pinterest}

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE pink too! hahah I would love a pink room in my house one day...sighhH!


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