peter pan collars.

calling all nordstrom lovers.
while perusing the store on monday,
i stumbled upon this little pretty.

hello, perfect little peter pan collar.
{made by, appropriately enough, frenchi}
not only is this blouse lovely, it is quite a bargain.
a definite steal in my book.

the last three days i have lusted over 
the idea of having an abundance of peter pan collars in my closet.
all colors. all sizes.
i love the simplicity. the elegance. the femininity. 

i can see me now... 
skinny pants.
this blouse.
a top knot bun.
black, thick-rimmed, geek chic readers.
and an oversized tote.

indulge yourself in a little peter pan prettiness.

oh, peter pan perfection.
love the silky fabric.
thank asos for this little number.

the back just sends it home for me.
i adore the buttons.

i am drooling over this get up.
the white scalloped collar & bib are so sweet.
i am not even going to start on those gloves...

how classic is this?
i may or may not want to be just like her...

if this doesn't scream subtle sexiness,
i don't know what does.
the sheer shirt, the nipped waist, the ruffles.
the black double scalloped collar.
i am seriously coveting this one. 

but, leave it to the one & only kate spade
to really master the look.
just take a peak at this beauty.

there are no words to describe my adoration for this top.
this requires a number order breakdown of the elements i love.

1. the color blocking. taupe. black. so chic.
2. the scalloped edges. so ladylike.
3. the jeweled peter pan collar.
4. again, the jeweled peter pan collar.
5. seriously. do you see this jeweled peter pan collar?!

kate spade, you never fail me.
this is the be-all-and-all of peter pan collars.

what do you think?
do you love the fashion statement as much as i do?

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