kiss me, little rosebud.

i am always on the hunt
for the most perfect lip balm. 
one that leaves my pout feeling hydrated & healthy.
one that smells divine, but subtle.
one that is nourishing, but lightweight.

smith's rosebud salve,
i applaud you. 

never have i ever met a lip balm that is 
so perfectly enjoyable to use & gives real benefits. 

the scent is so faint,
you feel as if you just breezed by a rose bush.
the texture is so smooth,
and does not leave your lips feeling waxy or heavy.
and the packaging is just too stinkin cute.
there is no way to pass it up.

look at how sweet.
lovely vintage inspired tins in the prettiest shades
of kelly green, rose pink, & navy blue.

when i received these most darling tins of assorted 
smith's rosebud products,
i had a hard time deciding which one to try first.

rosebud. minted rose. mocha rose.
strawberry. brambleberry rose. menthol & eucalyptus. 
they all sounded to.die.for.

it was a hands down win for me.
this little minted rose lip balm is my all-time fave.
i love the scent. a very soft mix of rose and mint.
the mint leaves your pout tingling, just begging to be kissed.
after every lather, my lips felt silky smooth & hydrated.
everything a girl could wish for in a lip balm. 

feeling so very kissable,
i smoothed a bit on my lips then planted a big minted rose smooch on my lovie.
i think he liked it, too. 

i really enjoyed the original rosebud salve, as well.
a staple lip balm to have in your purse year round. 

the strawberry lip balm just screams summertime to me.
i can see this being a summer go-to.
its fresh. its light. its juicy.
lather a bit of strawberry lip balm on, sip on a glass of iced lemonade.
hello, summer refreshment. 

smith's rosebud also make lip balm tubes.
these are especially handy to have on the go.
throw one in each of your purses,
that way you are never without a great lip quencher.

smith's rosebud products are definitely a must-have 
in my long list of beauty products. 
i highly suggest you try the minted rose balm.
i think you will be hooked,
and so will your sweetie.

i have a medley of rosebud lip balm tubes
to giveaway to one of my lucky lip-smackin readers.
leave a comment on this post to enter in the giveaway.
the winner will be revealed on thursday.

{c'est si bon was sent complimentary products for review. all opinions expressed are my own}


  1. Kristen, I absolutely love reading your blog every day. It always makes me smile. Normally, you're cooking and baking adventures are my favorite... but I am a makeup lover and love this post! I've haven't tried all of them, but I LOVE smith's strawberry lip balm too. Thanks for posting :)
    -Kristine Putrino

  2. Pucker up! I am in love with a good lip balm. :). Love reading you blog Kristen.

  3. Love reading your blog....somehow makes me feel connected to my long lost friend! Your writing is so creative and screams your unique and zaney yet classy personality. Love the product reviews...keep them coming! Never tried this lip balm but I can't imagine it being anything less than fabulous if you're recommending. Thanks for sharing!
    - Lauren Hatfield Davis

  4. yes, Mrs Smith needs some of this yummy balm to plant a big fat kiss on Mr Smith!!;)

  5. Oh-another great review! Would love some lip-smacking goodness :-)

  6. Oooh I just love these too. I've been using them since college and cannot get enough!

  7. Woo hoo! Another giveaway...would love it!

  8. who wins the lipgloss? ;-) im feeling lucky tonight!


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