l'occitane love & giveaway.

i am on utter & complete lavender overload.
and i couldn't be any happier about it.

between my lavender candle burning away in my kitchen.
my lavender mrs. meyer's dish soap bubbling away on the dirty casserole dish.
my lavender bloom growing in the sunroom.
my piping hot lavender. vanilla. peppermint tea,
one would say i have overfilled my lavender tank.

although, i do not think that is ever possible.
can a girl ever have too much lavender in her little life?
i happen to think not.

and i say this because i speak from experience. 
if my intensely pruned fingers and toes could speak for themselves, they would agree.
there is no amount of lavender in the world that would be too much for me.
especially after just getting out of the most luxe lavender bubble bath.
{don't tell anyone. but it lasted the better part of an hour.}
it's a fact. no doubts about it. i am officially in 
l'occitane lavender love.

if you have not experienced a glorious l'occitane bubble bath,
you have no idea how great a bubble bath can be. 
steamy water. aromatic oils from provence. sudsy bubbles.
this is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.
who am i kidding?
this is the perfect way to unwind everyday.

l'occitane's lavender bubble bath is just sinfully indulgent.
and i am always one for a little indulgence.
quite possibly one of my fave bubble baths to date.

i am also smitten over l'occitanes verbana shower gel.
it is pure. crisp. fresh. energetic.
a great choice for a morning shower to awaken your senses. 

and guess what?!
one lucky reader will win a bottle of the l'occitane verbana shower gel.

follow these two steps to enter.
simply register to become a follower of c'est si bon.
{if you look on the right hand side of this page, you will see where to enter your email}
and then
leave a comment sharing your fave bubble bath scent. 
the winner will be announced on sunday evening.


{l'occitane sent product for c'est si bon to review. all opinions expressed are my own.}


  1. I love lavender! This sounds amazing. Gardenia is actually my fave scent in the world but lavie is a very close second. L'occitane products are faboo so i'm sure that verbana shower gel is lovely. #girlslovebaths

  2. Love the lavender! Toss their lavender sachet in your dryer with your towels, smells OH so fresh! :)

  3. Just in time as my bath salts just ran out. I love adding lovely sents to my bath and it is somewhat of a ritual for me to take a nice bath before retiring off the bed. I of course love jasmine, lavender, verbena and gardenia.
    What a wonderful give-away! Thanks-

  4. I love the smell of Lavender! It always brings me back to my honeymoon in the south of France. While we were there I stumbled upon a local market where a little old lady sold homemade lavender sea salts. I had one sniff and bought four bottles. I'm sadly out of stock now and on a consent search for a replacement. Thanks for the tip I totally love your site!!!xoxo Chafika

  5. I have never tried the L'Occitane bubble bath but their hand lotion is my favorite! I have all sorts of different favorites for seasons of the year but my favorite for year round is Philosophy Pure Grace. Such a clean and wonderful smell! They also have birthday cake, vanilla frost, and raspberry sorbet for more fun scents :)

  6. I wouldn't take a bath with any other scent! I have never tried L'occitane's before.

  7. I've never tried L'Occitane, but would like to try it as a shower gel. :-) It might be a nice treat to take with me this summer when we vacation in Hawaii.

  8. I absolutely love lavender. Definitely my favorite bubble bath scent too. I use lavender essential oil and put a drop on my pillowcase after cleaning my sheets, apparently it helps induce sleep and smells amazing :) Also, you can put the oil in the cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll to release the lavender scent in your bathroom. I'd love to try L'Occitane's!

  9. I hope I win, I haven't had a bubble bath in many many years! Lucky to get a shower most days :)Love Lavender, my girls use it in the footbath

  10. i am a huge fan of lavender! but another fave... philosophies "falling in love" bubble bath! you must try it!

  11. unknown above is Chloe Lambe! xoxo


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