meet me at miette

i stumbled upon the absolute sweetest 
baking cookbook at anthro.
as in, miette of san fran.
a charming little sweets shop
that i am just dying to go and visit. 

miette is perfectly sweet and whimsy.
bursting with happiness & cheer.

i fell in love with the cookbook when i first saw it.
the cover was exquisite.
and the pages have scalloped edges.
be still my little sugar loving heart. 

is that layered cake not the loveliest of all cakes?

the inside of miette just exudes cheerful hearts.
glass cases display baked goods that are almost too pretty to eat... almost.
and old fashioned candies send every visitor down memory lane. 

the mint greens, rose pinks, and florals add the perfect whimsical touch
to such a perfect little boutique bakery.

oh, it is simply the sweetest.
even the greeting makes one smile.

miette carrot cake.
perfect for a picnic, brunch, or an afternoon treat.

the most beautiful chocolate cake.
on the most beautiful pink petaled pedestal.

mint candies.
sweetened with honey.
tied with a most delicate ribbon.

rose drops.
are you day-dreaming yet?

and the most beautiful cookies i have ever laid eyes on.
really & truly. 
the most lovely of them all.

i am dying over all of these sweet treats.
the colors, the decorating, the packaging...
it just makes this girl swoon.

in the midst of my love affair with miette,
i was scouting around on their website.
i learned a great secret.

miette offers baking and decorating classes.
three weeks. or six weeks.
whatever you fancy.

i have already pulled out my most favorite apron and my fave yellow spatula.
i am beyond ready to go.
who is going with me?

miette, you had me at first glance.

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