ok, friends.
i spent the afternoon shopping around 
at pottery barn in hyde park...
and it only reconfirmed how much i adore that store.
always have. always will.

i love it so very much,
that i want to share the love with you all.

i am doing my very first giveaway.
and oh boy, it is a good one! 

a one hundred dollar gift card
to pottery barn
will be given to one lucky reader.

in order to enter yourself into the giveaway,
follow these steps. 

1. leave a comment on this post telling me what you love most about pottery barn.

2. email the c'est si bon link to five new readers. 

3. cc me on the email {very important step}

4. wait with high hopes that you are the lucky duck.

the giveaway winner will be randomly selected on thursday.
so look for the winner to be announced.

here is just a sneak peak of the goods i got at pottery barn today.
bringing a little green into our humble home.

i have featured this pottery barn terrarium before.
it is great piece to switch out with seasonal decor.

i filled it with boxwood and ivy from pottery barn.
i love how authentic they appear,
and the terra cotta pots are great. 

this definitely adds an energetic pop of green
to our black and white great room.

so, what are you waiting for?
get on that email.
good luck!


  1. Ahh! I get so excited when I see a new blogpost from you! Especially this one! What's not to love about pottery barn? I LOVE how you can find anything to fit yor home! No matter their seasonal store changes! Plus nothing is overly feminine. So everything looks great in the home for you AND yor lovie!!

    Chloe Lambe

  2. Oh wow! I must say that I LOVE the bedding that Pottery Barn carries. Who doesn't love a wonderful toile duvet and monogram sheets???

  3. The bedding for sure is the best! Of course who does not love all of the seasonal place settings?! AND Pottery Barn Kids, has the best decor for any superhero or princess! Love IT SO MUCH!

  4. What do I love most about Pottery Barn... HMMMM such a hard question to answer! As a designer I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go in there, but I must say I truly love their clean simplistic style. All of their items have this rustic chic edge to it. I simply love their "pottery" pieces to use as decor accents in the home... and I can't resist snuggling up with one of their blankets!

  5. Oh Pottery Barn, I love them probably most for all the great items you can get monogrammed! They are my go-to for monogrammed engaged and wedding presents, housewarming gifts...and of course super cute monogrammed stuff for my little girl from PBK :) Beatriz Maxson

  6. Oh what a fabulous giveaway! I love, love, love Pottery Barn. It's so classic and just my style. And now that I have a sweet babe, there kid stuff is so fun to buy too. Eeek hope I win :)

  7. Love love love their tableware! (Also love reading your blog :)) ~ Nila

  8. I love so many things, their tableware, serving pieces, seasonal decor, but most of all, their bedding! It is the softest by far and always holds up so well!
    Patricia Serbanos

  9. What a wonderful idea Kristen! I love your blog and its so nice to see old friends doing well and having such a great life. I saw this giveaway and thought YEA!!!! Great idea! And I love PB kids so much! I have been wanting to get my daughter Emily a monogrammed toddler chair for her room for her birthday in March. She will be 2 and is all girl. I also love their other kids stuff. Thanks for putting this up! Hope I'm the "lucky duck" ;)

  10. Kristen, You are so creative! I love the Pottery Barn for the classic, yet modern furniture. I like how they make all the furniture functional and organizational.

  11. Kristen, your posts keep getting better and better :) I love reading them and also LOVE pottery barn. Being that my initials will soon be changing, the monogramming option that they have on so many of their items is what I love most about Pottery Barn at this time. My style is very simple and classic, and adding a monogram makes each item special, and uniquely ours. I cannot wait to have "MPH" all over our house!! :)

  12. You are too cute! I love your blog Missy! I read it every chance I get, so very creative you are! Of course I must enter this giveaway, because what girl doesn't love to fill her home with PB?! What do I love most about PB? hmmm... this is tough. Probably their fabulous decorative storage. Their baskets are fabulous!

  13. I enjoy reading your blog....always so upbeat and positive!! And yes I LOVE Pottery Barn. Such a classic staple in any home. My favorite time there is definitely over the Holidays!! Great for gifts, to others and myself ;) -Kim C

  14. Kristen I love reading your blog!! It always makes me smile. I do love Potterybarn! Maybe a little too much I must confess. Now that we are expecting our fourth little blessing, I will say that more of my time and money has been spent at Potterybarn Kids over the last few years. Both stores though are truly fabulous!!!

  15. Your blog is so fun to read, I can just hear you reading it to me! Thank you for writing and letting a glipse of your life shine onto the rest of the world. Pottery Barn. Oh do I love thee! Monograms are my best friend and I just love how they have sheets and towels and pillows that you can monogram. But at this very mintue, my love is for the hardware for the house. Drull! :)

  16. Pottery Barn always has something nice for your home. Love the fresh look and the pretty colors. Teressa D

  17. Hi Kristen, I have been following your blog... I saw it once on my FB newsfeed and have been hooked since! It's hard to find things NOT to love at Pottery Barn, but I have to say I really enjoy buying baby gifts from their site. Just about everything can be monogrammed, which makes for extra special shower gifts :)

  18. I love Pottery Barn because, when I least expect it, I get a new catalogue in the mail with page after page of beautiful home items and decorating ideas. I also love the cheerful yellow PB duvet cover that currently adorns my bed and keeps me cozy every night :)

  19. I am loving all the comments :) You all seem to love PB as much as I do. Just a reminder to sign your name at the end of your comment so that I know who it is :) Also, feel free to comment more and email more. The more entries the greater chance of winning :)

  20. I love all of the Pottery barn kids stuff. I could go broke buying for me son! We ordered his crib bedding from there plus a little chair for his nursery. It would be awesome to win this gift card!

  21. Chloe Lambe sent me to your blog and I love it! And apparently you're in Hyde Park's Pottery Barn in Tampa, which is SUPER close to where I live! Isn't it a small world? I LOVE Pottery Barn and I know Chloe sure does too! :)

    Amber K

  22. I love Pottery Barn! It is all over our home, especially in Little Miss Finley's room! I would love to win this gift card. Oh, the possibilities!

    Heather M.

  23. Hey Kris, well if I have to sum up what I love the most abt pottery barn it would have to be all the different types of white wooden home accesories ...they are my newest fav!

  24. i love pottery barn because it is wall to wall with inspiration for my home! stumbled upon your blog tonight and glad i did!

  25. Oh, PB, how I love thee! My most favorite thing about PB is their monogram shop, and its array of options. Dependable, personalized, one-stop, gift shop!

  26. Oh, wow! What is there not to love about Pottery Barn! I must say their home decor is so classic with a twist of chic. And of course their monogram items are the greatest for personal and for great gifts.
    Just can not say enough how great Pottery Barn is!!


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