makin' whoopie.

valentine's day is thirty-one short days away.
that means i only have thirty days to think of ways
to shower my lovie with love and affection. 

i have been trying to think what would make him the happiest.
maybe a watch? a great sweater? some new books?
but then cupid's arrow hit me.
hellooooooo, kristen. 
what does every man want on valentine's day?
some extra sugar and lovin from his main squeeze.

it is as clear as day. 
and easy as pie.
it's sweet. and full of love.

a little whoopie makin. 

whoopie pies are about as sweet as they come.
plus they are a true labor of love. 
a sure way to melt your sweeties heart. 

i wanted to try out my whoopie pies before the big day,
as i have never made them before. 
and really, they were no big whoop to whip up.
piece of {whoopie} cake.

swirl together buttermilk and vanilla.

whisk together some cocoa powder, flour, baking soda, salt.

cream the butter and brown sugar till fluffy.

after the butter and sugar has been creamed,
add the dry ingredients & the wet ingredients.
alternating, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients. 

the batter is decadent, but slightly salty.
do not be alarmed, the marshmallow filling will balance that out.

using an ice cream scooper,
place dollops onto parchment paper.
you will want to work quickly during this step.
the batter holds its form much, much better when it is still cold.
if the batter reaches room temp, the whoopies will not turn out.
{i ended up with a sheet full of melted whoopie mess
 when i took the second batch out of the oven. 
so, if you are baking multiple batches, 
i would store the batter in the fridge}

these babies only bake for about 9-10 minutes,
as soon as you start to smell them they are good to go.

look how pretty! 

now it is time for the good stuff.
marshmallow fluff.
i would never ordinarily eat this, or feed it to my lovie...
but valentine's day is an exception. 

mix the marshmallow fluff with butter, powdered sugar, 
and vanilla until it is smooth

like this. 

now just spread the marshmallow frosting onto one whoopie.

you do not need to worry about making the frosting perfect.
when you put the top cookie on it will look just great.

smoosh it gently so that the frosting billows to the edges.


some love-filled whoopie pies
for my love-filled valentine. 

truly, these were so easy to make.
but i would suggest giving them a trial run before 
valentine's day.

plus, every day could use a little extra whoopie makin. 

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