the sweetest wedding gift of all.

i am beyond blessed with my new family. 
my in-laws could not be any sweeter.

their hearts are overflowing with kindness,
and they carry themselves with such grace and dignity.
they love the Lord, and this is evident in everything they do.
they are such a rich addition to my life.
and i am so very grateful for them.

shortly before our wedding,
we went out to a special dinner with my in-laws-to-be.
we toasted to the upcoming festivities. 
we asked for the secrets to creating a lifelong marriage.
we laughed. we shared. we gave thanks. 

and in the midst of this great love-fest,
my in-laws gifted me with this special treasure.

isn't it just the loveliest, daintiest necklace you have ever seen?

not only is it beautiful and sparkly,
but it symbolizes the deepest love & devotion.
this diamond was the engagement stone of my lovie's grandmother.

it melted my heart to receive such a tender gift.
i am completely humbled. and i feel beyond honored.
but i am even more honored to be your new daughter-in-law.
words fail to show my gratitude.
m & b, i love you so. 

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