mean, green, cleaning machine.

i am one of those weird girls.
i get great joy and satisfaction from cleaning my house. 
there is something very fulfilling about physically seeing a
transformation from dirty house to clean house. 
i happen to love it. 

putting on some sweats.
hair in a messy bun.
good tunes.
and goin to town
with some soapy suds and a sponge.

i am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my house,
excluding my bedroom, that is.
i never can seem to keep that little room clean.
i tidy it up, and within minutes it is a disaster.
what gives?

so, it goes without saying,
i most certainly do not, cannot, will not ever enjoy cleaning my bedroom. 
i prefer to see my clothes draped over a chair
{read: on the floor, in a big messy pile}
my shoes easily accessible
{read: scattered along the floor}
and my sheets always look much more inviting when the bed is rumpled
{read: i never tuck the corners of my sheets}
that was a lot of dirt to share.

nevertheless, the rest of my house is always white glove worthy.
i sweep nearly every day. 
i vacuum weekly.
i mop with great frequency, too.
and boy, does it feel good! 

but my all time favorite room to clean...
you guessed it. the kitch.

i am the official dish washer,
as our humble home lacks a more modern day version.
my lovie will always offer to do the dishes, but i always decline.
i love to get the water piping hot, get an abundance of bubbles, and scrub away.
as the freshly cleaned dishes dry,
they leave a rather large puddle on our counter. 
in my mind, the bigger the better. 
it only provides greater satisfaction to wipe it all up. 

ok, ok... maybe this is a little overboard.
the truth of the matter is, 
i really do enjoy cleaning the kitchen.
but i think it is primarily because i love the products that i use.

the soap smells divine. and is all natural.
the sponge is tough, yet gentle. and eco-friendly.
the dishtowels are 100 percent cotton, so they are ultra absorbent.
{don't you just hate the towels that just push the water around on your counter?!}

i wanted to let you in on my fave kitchen cleaning products
so that you might find joy in your kitchen, too.

this dish soap sends me over the moon.
meyer's geranium dish soap.
there is no other dish soap that comes close.
i have used meyer's other scents, and they are nice.
but the geranium is to. die. for. 

i stumbled upon these little guys at fresh market.
thought the packaging was cute, plus they are good for mother earth.
such a great little sponge.
just listen to the name, one twist and you are hooked.

i give great thanks to a special friend
 for introducing me to
caldrea saffron quince.
super affordable.
crisp, clean packaging.
and the scents are unreal. 
i only use the caldrea counter top spray...
and it is the best i have ever used.
i used to be hooked on the williams-sonoma basil spray,
this knocks its socks off. 
end. of. story.

and i always have a candle burning as i work in my kitchen.
my current obsession is the williams-sonoma
french lavender.
go figure, right? 

well, i can smell that dinner is nearly done
{pot roast & root veg}
so i am off to serve a warm plate to a loving husband.
and then to clean my kitch.

{ps. the julie & julia soundtrack is a great choice while cooking & cleaning your kitchen}


  1. Love sassy cleaning products! Congrats on the new blog : )

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