diana e kelly. giveaway.

i always love meeting a new girlfriend.
especially when you just connect right away.
and you know that you could be fast friends.

meeting a new friend like that is just swell.

i felt just this way when i met the adorably sweet diana kelly.
as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside,
diana exuded kindness. enthusiasm. & warmth.
a girl that i would be honored to be friends with.
a girl that each of you should know.

meet my friend diana. 
the ultimate shoe & handbag designer.

i mean, really?
how impossibly cute is she?

diana and i first met at one of her trunk shows a few years ago.
i was admiring some of her gorgeous shoes when she introduced herself.
full of excitement & energy, she shared her story with me.
at that very moment, i was a forever fan of 
diana e kelly designs. 

these days diana's venture is really taking off.
she was just featured in southern living.
yes, you heard me right.
so i just had to share her with you
so that you, too, can adore her & her products.

diana sat down to answer a few questions for me,
so here is your glimpse into the world of diana e kelly.

i have always loved design.
however, i always thought of it as a hobby rather than a career. 

while i was attending the university of florida
i quickly got bored with the game day attire.
so, i started designing my own game day dresses. 
i was one year deep in my masters of architecture & interior design
and decided to take a leave of absence to focus solely on the game day garb.
we hired a consultant that had worked in the shoe industry for forty years.
so we naturally thought that was the best place to start.

there was huge risk & a dose of anxiety when i started into the world of shoes.
i felt inexperienced. and that added to my anxieties.
but it also fueled my passion even more.
i read every article. book. periodical i could get my hands on.
i met with anyone i could that was involved in fashion. merchandising. etc.
i kept repeating to myself the phrase that my entrepreneurship professor said
"with great risk comes great reward."

i also have a tremendous faith.
i believe one hundred percent that i would not be doing this today 
if it were not for the Lords blessings & guidance. 
something i learned very quickly was that i couldn't do this alone.
having Him as my rock kept me sane.
i believe whole-heartedly that
"to whom much is given much is required."
luke 12:48
the best way to give back is to pay it forward.

my dream became a reality when our first shipment of product arrived.
now the real work was about to begin.
i started by handpicking all of our leathers.
and i have the leathers specially tanned to match specific colors that i love.
our most popular color is the champagne patent leather.
it actually was inspired from a paint swatch i loved.

downtime allows me to cultivate creativity.
so i make time for downtime, as i love to be in the creative mindset.
i find inspiration from everything. 
dreams. the beach. traveling. 
the design aspect is my absolute fave part of this whole process.
i constantly need to keep reminding myself of that so that i 
create the time for downtime. 

when i think about the quintessential "diana e kelly girl"
i think of a girl that loves life.
she makes the most out of every aspect.
she maximizes her potential.
she is classic, yet trendy. 
she has a philanthropic heart.
she is loving. she is a team player. and she is just fun.

well, sweet diana.
you encompass all of those precious character traits.
and i am honored to call you a friend. 
your ambition. talent. and sense of style is enviable.
and your love for the Lord is so very dear. 
you, go girl.

so, my friends.
you must head over to diana's website to check out all of her goods.
she has the most beautiful shoes a girl could ever dream of.

this champagne heel is just stunning in every way.
the signature flower brooch is lovely.

every fashionista needs some red high heels.
and i adore this round brooch.

summer time is just around the corner.
these darling black sandals are the perfect must-have.

loving the elephant brooch.
so stinkin cute.

these satin flats are so electric.
i love the bold color.
and of course, i love. love. love the pearls.

game day shoes for all you gators.
that is a gator brooch, too.

i need these red flats.
embellished with the elephant brooch.
they have my name all over them.

the sandals. heels. and flats.
come in an assortment of colors. and with a variety of brooches.
be sure to shop around on the diana e kelly website to see all the great choices.

diana has generously offered to giveaway a surprise to one lucky reader.
check out these absolutely darling cork clutches

how cute are these?
they make the perfect summer clutch.
again, coming in a great variety of colors, with assorted brooches.
it will be hard to choose just one.

to enter in this great giveaway,
follow all of the following four steps.

one. like the diana e kelly facebook page.
two. share this post on your own facebook wall.
three. like the c'est si bon facebook page
four. leave a comment on the c'est si bon facebook page 
and let us know which clutch is your all-time fave.

the winner will be announced on sunday, april 22.
good luck.

thank you again, diana.
we think you hung the moon.


  1. Wow...those clutches are too fab...how can pick a fave!? But if i must, the white trimmed one with the palm tree brooch says island girl all the way! Thanks for introducing us to Diana. And, of course, GO GATORS! Thanks, Joanna.

  2. Her stuff is soon cute. I saw her in Southern Living and loved everything about her things! I love all of the clutches, but particularly the orange one...ooohh lala.

  3. Wasn't sure if we needed to let you know that we completed everything, but I did! Fingers crossed!

  4. What cute stuff she has... love the teal clutch. And her shoes! Thanks for sharing. I love coming across new shops/designers/things :)

  5. So cute! Love them all!! The alligator clutch is adorable.

  6. Im pretty much over the moon for the turquoise one with starfish!! Love it!

  7. Ooh, gator girl here! Love love the gator clutch of course! Fabulousness! xo, Akemi Williams

  8. Love all the shoes, love all those clutches. The gator one is super cute!!!

  9. The alligator clutch is my favorite.

  10. My favorite would have to be the white clutch. Living in Florida I would be able to carry it about 9-10 months out of the year. That would make me very happy because I know it would be my favorite clutch, not just because of the style and color, but because of the lovely lady Diana Kelly.


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